Photos: Japandroids @ Chop Suey


Rising indie stars Japandroids played to an enthusiastic crowd at Seattle’s Chop Suey, Wednesday 2 December.  The duo were finishing up their US tour to promote their album Post-Nothing, which featured such songs as “Rockers East Vancouver”, and the aptly-named “The Boys are Leaving Town”.

The gig started with a couple of technical difficulties, with guitarist Brian King saying “I’ve got no more guitar left…this thing’s on fuckin’ ten…what am I supposed to do?”

The answer from the crowd?  “Eleven!”


Percussionist Brian Prowse made it his mission to unite the all-ages crowd, saying “It’s a sad thing to see people parted like this.  It doesn’t seem right to me”.  Not needing much urging, the lounge-lizards soon rushed to the front in a rush of fun and mosh-pit excitement.







Brian and David admitted to the rather ambitious plans of going home to start recording some limited-release material.  We at Backbeat Seattle look forward to the results!

You can view more photos here.

By Nicky Andrews