Photos: Police Teeth @ The Vera Project

I noticed a band called Police Teeth on last year’s Reverbfest schedule and decided to check them out based solely on their name. Within seconds I was completely addicted… their music hit home in a way that is rare for me these days and I was happily reminded of all the now-blurry punk shows I went to in the early 90s.

I picked up a copy of Jazz Records For Sale on Record Store Day and was again addicted, this time to Police Teeth’s recording, which is also a very rare occurrence. Too often, recordings by bands I love fail to capture the essence of the band – the energy that to me IS the band when I see them live. Not so with Jazz Records For Sale and also not so with Real Size Monster Series, which I picked up last night at the show. Well done, guys!

I managed to miss every opportunity since Reverbfest to see Police Teeth again until last night at The VERA Project. While I waited, comfy in a booth at the back of the venue, I heard a familiar voice and looked up to see Matt Brown approaching the stage with a small child. One can count on Matt Brown to always bring the perfect thing to a show, and this time it was a friend and her two children, who rocked out to Police Teeth like pros. Matt says this:

Kaelin (6) and Taylor (7) behaved wonderfully at their first show without a lot of coaching or supervision – standing right up front, dancing their butts off, not messing around with the monitors or climbing onstage. I would certainly take them to the Vera Project again, especially since Kaelin wanted to know why there weren’t any girls in the band. Once she sees MiniRex or the Tea Cozies, there’ll be no turning back…

Though it had been nine months since I’d seen Police Teeth, and though I’ve been wrong about singly-seen bands before, I knew they would be as solid and amazing as they were last night. I love Police Teeth and will grab every opportunity given to see them live — the next one being July 30th @ Funhouse.


More Police Teeth photos here.


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