Blue Moon show photos & letter to Gabe Mintz

Dear Gabe – you are amazing. Your music is thoughtful, complex, and you rock. You are an extremely talented and generous performer and I can’t wait to see you again. Your friend Linda Draper was delightful (her voice is wow!) and Killywell (or is it Kill the Whale?) was also great. Trent Moorman is the perfect drummer for your music and the two of you create wonderful onstage energy. Say hi to Diane, Audrey, Dan and everyone else I met Thursday night at the Blue Moon.

I hope you like the photos. See you soon!
xoxoxo -Amelia

Gabe Mintz w/ Trent Moorman


Linda Draper w/ Rob Woodcock




One thought on “Blue Moon show photos & letter to Gabe Mintz

  1. You are just the sweetest! It was super cool to have you out there… it’s a rowdy gang in that place. We loved having you, too!


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