Show Preview & Photos: Hotels @ Chop Suey, Thursday May 7th

Hotels is playing at Chop Suey this Thursday, May 7th. Chop Suey keeps booking these really great shows – it’s really impressive. I saw Hotels a while ago for what was the first show I saw at the new Crocodile.

by Chelsea Conboy

They list the following bands as influences on their myspace page and you can hear the good influence in their music: Joy Division, Devo, Cocteau Twins, Kraftwerk, Pixies, Stereolab, This Mortal Coil, M83, Claude Debussy, Yellow Magic Orchestra, casinos, hotels, Japan. I especially like their song Atlantic.
Their live performance was entertaining too so I think this show is a good bet. Also I think the list of bassists who sing lead or lead singers who play bass (however you want to put it) is quite the short one so I am always interested in seeing this done.

photos by Dagmar – you can see more here.


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