Slacking off on Record Store Day

My first stop on my favorite holiday was Cellophane Square on the Ave where I plucked a few CDs from the dollar bins.


After lunch, I headed to Ballard, where Sonic Boom’s sidewalk was full of enterprising young rockers from the School of Rock Music who silk-screened a t-shirt for me with half a heart charm-style. If you visited both Sonic Boom locations, you could complete the image. Check out School of Rock’s schedule of shows.





Sonic Boom was bustling inside and out. I was completely unsurprised when chronic music devourer Matt Brown suddenly appeared at my side. He made an excellent purchase for a lucky teenager and disappeared into the warm spring day.



One of the CDs I bought was Say Hi’s Oohs & Aahs. They played a great in-store set – are a treat to see live.



Last year I caught four in-stores, but this Record Store Day, Say Hi was all I could manage. As much as I wanted to stroll the aisles at Easy Street Records’ Queen Anne store and catch Moondoggies’ set, I needed to rest at home and prepare for the show at the Blue Moon, from which I’m still recovering.


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