show preview: the redwood plan tomorrow @ Chop Suey

As soon as I heard KEXP’s song of the day  “Something to Prove” from The Redwood Plan, I went online to find their recording. The self-titled EP was available, and though I knew they’d most likely have some for sale at their upcoming show(s), I couldn’t wait and ordered it right then. It arrived just a few days later and I highly recommend picking it up at Thursday’s show at Chop Suey or ordering it when they sell out. The energy, intensity and enthusiasm that floored me at their live show are all there.


The Redwood Plan is getting lots of well-deserved press. I was stunned at their March 7 show at The Sunset, which aired on KEXP’s Audioasis. Lesli Wood is a powerful force with vocal chops that match her beautiful voice. Add the fact that she’s actually got something to say, possesses mad guitar and keyboard skills, and throw in some of the finest musicians in Seattle to create the rest of the band, and we’ve got something very special.

Jamie Hellgate is a devastating bass player. I am a puddle at her feet. Drummer Betty ST and guitarist Sydney Stolfuss round out The Redwood Plan’s perfection. I feel sorry for The Redwood Plan in one sense – they’ll never be able to be in the audience at one of their shows. If you’re not on their stage, you should certainly be in front of it, ready to dance.



The Redwood Plan play Chop Suey Thursday April 9, with Team Gina and Chupacabra.