Photos: more from Friday Night @ Holy Mountain

What What Now kicked off a show that felt more like a party on Friday at Holy Mountain. I’m still recovering physically and experiencing show-related flashbacks of crazy moments and music that sounded way better than it should have. I love What What Now’s sound and energy and managed to get a few shots of them from the audience.

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I used most of The Quiet Ones’ set to assess the crowd and my immediate surroundings. As I counted in my company a cast-encumbered  Abbey, I was watchful of the moshers that were becoming more active and certainly more drunk as the night progressed. The last few songs were amazing.


I think the vomiting occurred right after The Quiet One’s finished their set. Fortunately, I missed the act, but the results were gross and splashed prominently on the floor/stage.

The Ironclads powered through a great set. At one point their bassist said into her mic, “I’m scared.” I wouldn’t be surprised if she was serious as the crowd was getting crazier in response to the music pounding through the room and the freely flowing alcohol. I knew I could bust through the window with Abbey’s crutch and get out if needed and was trying to remember the last time a show required such contingencies.




The Whore Hands was better than I expected musically and exactly as fun as I’d hoped. I guess I figured you can’t stick two bands together and get something other than two bands stuck together, but I was wrong. They sounded amazingly cohesive and huge. I’m glad I was with such great friends at that unforgettable show and that we were surrounded by a rowdy but friendly crowd that knew how to party without getting (too) stupid.

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