Show Preview: deadmau5 @ WaMu Theater, Fri. 4/21 & Sat. 4/22

Preview: deadmau5 @ WaMu Theater, Fri. 4/21 & Sat. 4/22

deadmau5 – photo by Matt Barnes

The brilliant deadmau5, producer of electronic house and all things awesome and electronically-based, has two shows lined up for us in Seattle: Friday, April 21st & Saturday, April 22nd. Thank you. Really, thank you. That should be enough to persuade you that you need to see these shows.

But. . . maybe you have not heard deadmau5? Joel Thomas Zimmerman is deadmau5’s person/behind stage name, and he’s got an intriguing group of people he’s worked with. Great examples include My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way, who provided vocals to “Professional Griefers,” KASKADE on the track “I Remember” (if you know any deadmau5 song immediately, most likely it’s this one), and Rob Swire singing on “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff”. If you’re asking, so far in my deadmau5 fan life “aware” just might hit the top of my deadmau5 favorites.

These dates are just part of deadmau5’s Lots Of Shows In A Row Tour, and I’m looking right now to see about Seattle tickets. They are no sold out. Check tomorrow though, as we might be lucky and more tickets will be released? Maybe? Just maybe? And, if you have tickets, have a blast.

Now, I leave you with the smashing “Snowcone”:

Friday Ticket Link
Saturday Ticket Link


Photos: Julie Byrne @ Neumos

Touring with Whitney, Julie Byrne played at a sold-out show at Neumos in support of her sophomore album, Not Even Happiness. Flanked by Eric Littmann (synth) and Jake Falby (violin), the New York-based singer-songwriter captivated the audience with her beautiful voice and songs. Julie lived for awhile in Seattle and it was evident that she had numerous friends in the crowd. She’ll will be back in town at the Capitol Hill Block Party in July.

Julie Byrne


Show Preview: FYOHNA @ Chop Suey, Tues. 4/18

Show Preview: FYOHNA @ Chop Suey, Tues. 4/18


FYOHNA, the Los Angeles pair Katarina Gleicher and Elliot Glasser, visit Seattle for a show tomorrow at Chop Suey. Their performance will be a bit of a taster of their self-titled debut, which is available on April 28th (yes!!). I would say if you enjoy some gorgeous vocals and cool beats (there, I said it), you will love this band. Earlier today, they sat down with local news show New Day NW, and performed “Ghost Heart.” I also see the word trap in their Facebook profile. Too good. Great stuff.

They’ll open for Seattle’s KREEA (3rd of a 4-band lineup), so do get to the venue early! Doors at 8, and tickets and more details are available here.


Show Review & Photos: Vanessa Carlton w/ Tristen @ the Triple Door

Vanessa Carlton @ the Triple Door 4/7/2017
Review & Photos by John Rudolph

Vanessa Carlton

Vanessa Carlton is a fantastic performer with a pure, clean voice, and soft flowing tones.

Carlton started with her show with her hit, “1000 Miles,” to, as she put it, “get it out of the way” so she could share some of her other works. Carlton’s pure voice accompanied with the Steinway and violin worked so well together.

I love it when artists talk about their lives and their influences. We forget sometimes that they are people with families and a past. The banter with the audience really rounded out her performance.

An example was the painting hanging behind her on stage, which was painted by her grandfather. She shared that he was a clothing designer and painter. Without the storytelling, we would not have known who she is and how her past influenced her present.

Vanessa Carlton



Music: “White Noise” by Cajsa Siik

Artist: Cajsa Siik
Song: “White Noise”
Why You Want to Listen: I am loving this song from Swede Cajsa Siik. The singer-songwriter released the beautiful “White Noise,” single two off this June’s Domino. Somebody please get this artist to the States. I would love to see her!

Cajsa Siik – photo by Elinor Wermeling