Show Preview: Head Like a Kite this Friday @ The Croc

I can’t wait for this show!


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Here’s what HLAK‘s Dave Einmo has to say:

To celebrate the opening of the new Crocodile, we’re brewing up a special show Friday, April 10 with Head Like a Kite, The Wild Orchid Children and PartMan PartHorse. We’ll be debuting the new feature film “We Were So Entangled” and projecting it behind Head Like a Kite as we bust out a frenzied soundtrack of beats and HLAK hits. Based on the song “We Were So Entangled” from Head Like a Kite’s most recent Mush Records full-length, “There Is Loud Laughter Everywhere,” the movie follows the steamy affair of two impassioned Barbie dolls hell bent on adventure. Sex, fire, Superman, Barbie dolls, and a car chase. Sound weird? Wait until the doll house burns down.


Head Like a Kite always puts on a great live show and with openers PartMan PartHorse and Wild Orchid Children on the bill, there’s nowhere but The Crocodile to be this Friday.

Head Lik a Kitehlak-dave



Wild Orchid Children woc-ktho


PartMan PartHorsepmphg



Photos: Egyptian Lover & Jamie Jupiter, Truckasauras @ Chop Suey

I’m not sure I would have seen Egyptian Lover if Truckasauras hadn’t been on the bill and would have missed a show that far surpassed my expectations. I adore Truckasauras and Chop Suey was an ideal venue, providing a sound system able to deliver the thump and showcase the delicacies that lie underneath. The crowd seemed to love Truckasauras as much as I did, responding more as their set progressed.




DJ Sean Cee provided between-set music that was just incredible, and then came Egyptian Lover, who deftly worked his turntables as Jamie Jupiter asked if we could imagine what it was like to be a 16 or 17 year-old listening to Egyptian Lover back in the day. I didn’t have to imagine since I was 16 or 17 in 1984, and a frequent patron of an all-ages dance club in Eugene when “Egypt Egypt” was a new hit and played along with the other rap hits of that era. Watching the largely young and enthusiastic crowd dance along, I realized that Egyptian Lover in 1984 is essentially the same as in 2009, a great DJ with sexy hits who is ridiculously fun to see live.





More photos in our flickr pool. Got any you want to add?


Photos: more from Friday Night @ Holy Mountain

What What Now kicked off a show that felt more like a party on Friday at Holy Mountain. I’m still recovering physically and experiencing show-related flashbacks of crazy moments and music that sounded way better than it should have. I love What What Now’s sound and energy and managed to get a few shots of them from the audience.

wwnau wwnred


I used most of The Quiet Ones’ set to assess the crowd and my immediate surroundings. As I counted in my company a cast-encumbered  Abbey, I was watchful of the moshers that were becoming more active and certainly more drunk as the night progressed. The last few songs were amazing.


I think the vomiting occurred right after The Quiet One’s finished their set. Fortunately, I missed the act, but the results were gross and splashed prominently on the floor/stage.

The Ironclads powered through a great set. At one point their bassist said into her mic, “I’m scared.” I wouldn’t be surprised if she was serious as the crowd was getting crazier in response to the music pounding through the room and the freely flowing alcohol. I knew I could bust through the window with Abbey’s crutch and get out if needed and was trying to remember the last time a show required such contingencies.




The Whore Hands was better than I expected musically and exactly as fun as I’d hoped. I guess I figured you can’t stick two bands together and get something other than two bands stuck together, but I was wrong. They sounded amazingly cohesive and huge. I’m glad I was with such great friends at that unforgettable show and that we were surrounded by a rowdy but friendly crowd that knew how to party without getting (too) stupid.

haallth habass haskygui



Photos: The Whore-Hands. Tonight: Travis

I am still recovering from this show. There are loads of photos in our flickr pool. I will also post a gallery soon on my gallery page on

photo by Amelia

photo by Dagmar

photo by Amelia

photo by Dagmar

Travis is playing the Showbox tonight. The Republic Tigers are opening, who just posted this most incredible picture on their myspace page:

It’s a tiger rabbit!

I am really excited about seeing Travis again – this is my third time seeing them and they are one of my very favorite bands EVER. I interviewed them last time they were here and they have the most wonderful Scottish accents. They were really cool people. Here are some pix of them at the Moore.


The Holy Fucking Moment @ The Holy Mountain

The Whore Moans and the Hands combined last night at Holy Mountain to become the Whore-Hands. The Whore Moans’ song The Holy Fucking Moment could explain it all. Kind of. The Ironclads had their CD-release party and this band has guts, for real. A horribly drunk girl actually threw up right before their set, on the stage and it appeared some of the puke may have hit their gorgeous bassist, Nora. But there’s no stopping this band, who put on a stupendous show. Openers What What Now and the Quiet Ones rounded out the whole night smoothly and darkly.

Way more shots on their way as Amelia and I both were taking pix. Here’s a fave of mine so far:

Nikki O. of the Whore Moans at the Holy Mountain – photo by Dagmar