Blue Moon show photos & letter to Gabe Mintz

Dear Gabe – you are amazing. Your music is thoughtful, complex, and you rock. You are an extremely talented and generous performer and I can’t wait to see you again. Your friend Linda Draper was delightful (her voice is wow!) and Killywell (or is it Kill the Whale?) was also great. Trent Moorman is the perfect drummer for your music and the two of you create wonderful onstage energy. Say hi to Diane, Audrey, Dan and everyone else I met Thursday night at the Blue Moon.

I hope you like the photos. See you soon!
xoxoxo -Amelia

Gabe Mintz w/ Trent Moorman


Linda Draper w/ Rob Woodcock




Photos: New Faces @ Neumos’ Noise for the Needy Show

New Faces played a blistering set for Noise for the Needy‘s June 10th kickoff. I make no secret that I love this band. What’s not to love? They’re fancy and fetching photo subjects & entertainers and hold a record in my concert viewing as my most seen band in the shortest space of time. Most important though is the music. It’s magic. I’ll have an interview I did with the band ready soon and you can see them next at Seattle Drum School Georgetown‘s grand opening with the Lonely Forest. Oh, and also at Capitol Hill Block Party when they return from a tour . . .

all photos by Dagmar
you can see more photos here & here and check out Noise for the Needy’s flickr.


Capitol Hill Block Party Schedule Announced

Amelia just sent me the link to this: The schedule for Capitol Hill Block Party.

I am just happy that New Faces and Future of the Left are not playing at the same time. These are two of my favorite bands and I have been harping on them for a while on my various blogs. The Stranger’s powers that be have smiled upon me.

Future of the Left, with their enormous songs such as Manchasm, You Need Satan More Than He Needs You and adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood versus the enormous New Faces’ songs such as She’s Like the Snow, Cracks and Ms. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was not a battle I wanted to fight.


Show Preview: Gabe Mintz @ Blue Moon this Thursday

I’ve been listening to and reading about Gabe Mintz recently, and am really looking forward to his show at the Blue Moon tomorrow (Thursday). Rumor has it that one of my favorite local drummers Trent Moorman will join Gabe onstage, which certainly sweetens the pot. Also on the bill is Linda Draper from NYC.

As you know, I usually lean more to music’s thrashy side, but both these singer-songwriters have grabbed my attention and I can’t wait to see them live.


Photos: The Redwood Plan @ Cha Cha Lounge

The Redwood Plan is one of the best bands in Seattle, hands down. They rocked out a great set at Cha Cha on Sunday, blazing through favorites (I’ll never get enough of Je Suis Romantique) and treating us to a brand new song. Check their site for upcoming shows and do not miss a single one… including’s own Blue Moon showcase on August 14th. (Details coming soon!)