photos: built to spill & ra ra riot @ uw hub lawn

I’ve loved Built to Spill since The Normal Years and ditched work early Friday to brave the sun and see them with Ra Ra Riot on the UW Hub lawn. I spent the afternoon blissed out on music – Ra Ra Riot was the perfect opener (I missed Smile Brigade) for Built to Spill, whose fans inspired me to grab a few crowd shots.


Built to Spill


Ra Ra Riot


Photos: Mexicans at Night @ Blue Moon

Have you heard Mexicans at Night from El Paso? Been lucky enough to see them live? I first listened to them yesterday in advance of what I expected to be a pretty good show at Blue Moon and was blown away by how great they were. If I’m not mistaken, last night was their first show in Seattle, and I’ll be first in line when they come back.


Show Preview: Head Like a Kite @ Chop Suey this Saturday

Head Like a Kite plays first at Chop Suey on Saturday, opening for Her Space Holiday and City Light. I haven’t seen Dave, Trent and the Head Like a Kite guest parade since January and am really excited for this show. Check back post-show for photos and an interview with HLaK frontman Dave Einmo. I took the photos below at past shows – were you there? If you’ve never seen Head Like a Kite live, do yourself a favor and get to Chop Suey early to catch a guaranteed great set.

Here’s what Dave has to say about this weekend’s show:

Want to see a panda dance with a fog machine? HEAD LIKE A KITE returns to Seattle on Saturday, May 30 at Chop Suey to open for Mush Records labelmates HER SPACE HOLIDAY at Chop Suey. Her Space Holiday recently remixed the HLAK song “No Ordinary Caveman.” Should be a blast to play together in our hometown.

We play EARLY at 9:30 sharp!!

Hope to see you there. Be sure to say hi. I’ll be the sweaty one leaning over a synth with a guitar strapped to my back.


Photos: The Horrors @ Neumos

The Horrors played in near complete darkness when they opened for the Kills, which is a nightmare when you’re trying to take photos. I’m guessing they wanted to the focus to be entirely on the staggeringly great music, and I understand this. On the other hand they’re a fine looking group of guys who are great photo subjects, so I am torn on this one. Go ahead and throw your Joy Division or whatever comparisons around, I am going to nail it by saying these new Horrors sound a lot like one of my top ten favorite bands, the Chameleons. I don’t want to say they’re an exact copy, because they’re not, it’s just another reason why I am impressed with this band. The Horrors nearly reinvented themselves with their second CD, Primary Colours, but if you listen closely it’s the same band trying something new, and I like that. They are still a dark band capable of creating a deadly atmosphere – witness the New Ice Age, when singer Faris Badwan storms out with The Agony and the Harm is Critical/Through a Frosted Stopwatch/Time is Ticking. I managed to get some photos – next time I hope to get more.

More photos of the Horrors at Neumos.


Photos: The Kills @ Neumos

It was rowdy and violent crowd that took over the front part of the stage for the Kills‘ Seattle show. Fortunately I got to stay up there through the show either on one side or the other, finding a safer pocket towards the stage door. Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart of the Kills sound and look so foxy it was worth braving the storm of their fans. Highlights for me: U.R.A. a Fever, Cheap and Cheerful, Last Day of Magic and Black Balloon of Midnight Boom, No Wow of No Wow, and Fried My Little Brains of Keep on Your Mean Side. I adore this band. Now some of my photos:

You can see more photos here:
Gallery of the Kills @ Neumos