photos: The Endeavors @ High Dive

The Endeavors played a great set last Thursday at High Dive. Impossible-to-ignore frontwoman Stasia Blue takes (to my ear) vocal risks that work only because she’s fully talented enough to pull them off. I love that she knows her limits and pushes right up against them. Onstage, she’s sexy and confident and her sense of humor shines through. Her band is equally talented, including standout bass player Alberto Vega.





Yes,  Stasia is singing to a stuffed squirrel (named Charlie, I believe) – you can meet him at their CD release show  – see you there? More photos are here and in our flickr pool.

Oh! Check out the wonderful video  for “Forest”, which premiered at the High Dive show.


RIP: Travis Criscola

Cute Lepers‘ guitarist Travis Criscola passed away this weekend at the age of 24.

Travis Criscola @ Neumos in January 2009 – photo by Amelia

Steve E. Nix of Cute Lepers wrote the following on their myspace blog:
Travis Criscola, rest in peace
Early the morning of March 28, in Cincinnati our friend and band-mate Travis Criscola passed away in his sleep. He was 24. Travis was guitarist in the Cute Lepers for the last six months and was the perfect addition to the band as it’s developed. He was our friend. His company was always a pleasure. I don’t think I ever heard him say a negative word about any one. He was smart, polite and considerate, always interested in learning more about music and playing guitar… he really loved music. He was passionate about music in a way that only other like minded musicians recognize and relate with. When Travis joined the band he would not think twice about jumping on the bus from Olympia and making the two hour ride to Seattle for a spur of the moment rehearsal, and then riding the bus two more hours to get back home. In fact Travis was doing this three times a week up until we left for europe to start our tour. His character and his commitment made him the very best we could hope for in a band-mate and a friend. We’re gonna really miss him. We feel that it’s appropriate and absolutely not in bad taste to disclose the cause of death of our friend. Travis combined alcohol and pills, then went to sleep and never woke up. It was an accident. Travis was not any kind of a habitual drug user. I’m a man who has left drugs and alcohol alone for over a decade and I just wont work with people who are mixed up with narcotics. It is rare to find a rock n’ roll musician in his early twenties who doesn’t get caught up in hitting the bars and going to parties on tour, and Trav was just one of those ones who made a really bad decision. He naively took some type of pills on top of the beer he was drinking and that’s it. I believe that it would be a disservice for us to leave out this information. People would wind up hearing distorted versions of the truth anyways. Also our hope is that other young musicians, or anyone it may apply to who reads this will learn from our tragedy and perhaps wise up a bit. We’re currently traveling across the country back home to Seattle with heavy hearts. Trav’s family and his beautiful longtime girlfriend are in our prayers. –Steve


Show Preview: The Royal Bear at the High Dive

The Royal Bear is playing the High Dive this Thursday, April 2nd. I saw them last on Valentine’s Day and I really think they’re worth your time and energy and to check out. I make no secret of how much I love certain types of music out of the 80s but they’re even more than that . . . they’re just super. High Dive gets bonus points too for serving really good margaritas.

Robbie Hart of the Royal Bear @ the Comet – photo by Dagmar

They’re joined by ex-Pleasureboaters The Beats, Man.


Photos: USE at the Crocodile

Seattle photographer Julie Harmsen got some really wicked shots of USE last night at the Crocodile that I had to post immediately. We’ll see more of her work on here very soon! The show looks like a wild and techno prom.

You can see more photos of USE on Julie’s flickr page.


Photos: New Faces. Tonight: OK Go

I caught my first show at the new Crocodile on Wednesday night. I have been hearing a lot about New Faces – and I have been listening to them but this was the first time I saw the band live. They definitely live up to every wonderful thing I have been told.

Conor & Nico


Here is a Full New Faces Gallery and check out some shots in our brand new flickr group pool. And join us – send in your music photos.

Tonight OK Go plays at Chop Suey. This show was announced in December and I have been looking forward to it. I last saw them at KeyArena as an opening band and took photos of them when they played Neumos some time ago.

OK Go – Invincible