Have you downloaded Sleepy Eyes of Death’s Dark Signals Remix?


You should! Go here and grab it now! It’s full of new takes on songs I love, including Truckasauras’ version of “Crushed By Stars”, which is a delightful Sleepy/Truck blend.


Sleepy Eyes‘ next show is at the Capitol Hill Block Party – Friday 7/24 @ Neumos @ 7:45. I knew before the lineup was announced that it didn’t matter who was up against Sleepy Eyes of Death – I’m building my schedule around their performance. More on the Block Party later – for now, listen to Dark Signals, the remixes, and prepare yourself for one of the best live shows imaginable.




Photos: What What Now @ the Blue Moon

I’m late getting these up – the holiday weekend got away from me. What What Now played the Blue Moon Friday and I took some photos of their wonderfulness. I love them so and you will too – come see them at our Blue Moon showcase on August 14th.


Photos: Pink Rabbit Furry & Amber Snaps Green Day

Amber was at Green Day the other night too and got some rad shots from the crowd. She’s so talented. And I love confetti – what else can I say?

All photos by Amber
And I can’t resist posting a couple shots I got of the drunken pink bunny that hit the stage before Green Day.


Show Preview: Jeremy Burk @ The Comet on July 9th

Jeremy Burk plays the Comet on Thursday, July 9th. Burk’s got an appealing sound and does his stuff very, very well. He just released his debut CD I Hope You Find What You’re Looking For and it’s solid, really smooth folk music. That I recommend this speaks volumes for him because I will admit the term folk scared me from folk music for years. I can’t explain why and it shouldn’t have been that way. I like this CD and I like the banjo playing. I especially like the song Count Your Teeth – it’s emotive and strong.

Jeremy Burk

9:00 pm @ the Comet. Get there early as he is first on.


Photos: Photos & Gallery of The Bravery @ KeyArena

I’ve seen the Bravery several times and they are one of the most consistently great bands I know of. Ever since I heard An Honest Mistake, Hot Pursuit, The Ring Song . . . well I honestly love their albums and the new one is coming out very, very soon. If you missed them last night the good news is there is a fall tour planned. I can’t wait for them to come back here.

All photos by Dagmar
The Bravery Gallery