Photos & Show Review: The Prodigy @ WaMu Theater

The Prodigy have remained one of my favorite bands for quite some time now. When I first saw their video for Firestarter and then their video for Breathe I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears. I even like what they consider their downtime, songs such as Baby’s Got a Temper for example are simply stunning. The band has returned with the brilliant Invaders Must Die – don’t trust me? Then trust the Brits who put this CD to number 1 on its release. The Prodigy played WaMu Theater here in Seattle on Saturday night (Sunday morning actually – they hit the stage during what was all-night rave at 1:30 Sunday morning). The band is fit and happening, Run With the Wolves blended instantly with Firestarter, Poison and Smack My Bitch Up sounded fierce, and Out of Space closed out. I got loads of lovely photos of Keith Flint and Maxim – unfortunately I could only grab one picture of Liam Howell, who was behind a bank of keys & synths. You can see all pix here: Gallery of the Prodigy @ WaMu Theater


Dark Signals Remix Listening Party @ Moe Bar this Tuesday

I was listening to “Pierce The Air” super-loud in my headphones over the weekend when the bus I was on was overtaken by a cloud of pollen fluff. It swirled around while we waited at the light and I watched as each little white puff ran into the window inches from my face, matching a note that swirled in my ears. Sleepy Eyes of Death‘s music is sensory that way – I’ll never hear that song the same way again.

Sleepy Eyes create songs that continue to grow after they are handed off to happy listeners, and a handful of gifted artists have remixed their Dark Signals songs to take them even further – my favorite so far being Truckasauras‘ mix of “Crushed By Stars”.

Head out to Moe Bar tomorrow for Mass Mvmnt’s listening party:sleepyjpg

What’s next for Sleepy Eyes of Death? The dreams I had last night after falling asleep listening to the remixes make me want a laser show.


Photos & Review: The Color Turning @ the Showbox

I recently caught the Color Turning at their opening show for Scott
Weiland in Seattle. I’d been checking them out on myspace for a while and
was really excited they got on such a high profile tour. The band is from
Los Angeles, a real hot bed of great bands lately (I just saw fellow
Angelenos Great Northern the other night) and they’re completely gratifying to
listen to and to watch.

Singer/guitarist Steve Scavo’s vocals have great availability and I
especially liked the songs Me Versus Me, New Hooligan. Doppelganger is
also a great, damn catchy song. Something else that impressed me about the
band is that they do things just a bit differently, where you expect beats
to hit or sounds to go one way they go another – and I like that. They
manage to do this ultimately without it being jarring and repeat listens
to Me Versus Me confirms it. I am looking forward to seeing them again and
you should be lucky to see them soon.

Their LP, Good Hands Bad Blood, hits stores August 4, 2009.

Gallery of The Color Turning @ the Showbox


photos: built to spill & ra ra riot @ uw hub lawn

I’ve loved Built to Spill since The Normal Years and ditched work early Friday to brave the sun and see them with Ra Ra Riot on the UW Hub lawn. I spent the afternoon blissed out on music – Ra Ra Riot was the perfect opener (I missed Smile Brigade) for Built to Spill, whose fans inspired me to grab a few crowd shots.


Built to Spill


Ra Ra Riot


Photos: Mexicans at Night @ Blue Moon

Have you heard Mexicans at Night from El Paso? Been lucky enough to see them live? I first listened to them yesterday in advance of what I expected to be a pretty good show at Blue Moon and was blown away by how great they were. If I’m not mistaken, last night was their first show in Seattle, and I’ll be first in line when they come back.