Photos: White Rabbits @ the Crocodile

White Rabbits were at the Crocodile the other night. Even if I didn’t like their music I would like them just for their name. I can also like them because they’re a photogenic bunch of guys. Alex Crick took photos of their set. I love them.

All photos by Alex Crick


Video: Ben by Michael Jackson

Ben is actually my favorite Michael Jackson song. Perhaps. It’s so touching:


RIP: Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson passed away today. He was 50. Jackson adopted a chimp in the 80s and named him Bubbles.

Unfortunately he had to send Bubbles to a sanctuary after Jackson’s first son was born.

Here’s my favorite Michael Jackson song:


Photos: Cut Off Your Hands @ the Vera Project

New Zealand’s Cut Off Your Hands played the Vera Project this weekend and their songs were brilliant, fizzy, emotional swirls – like those amazing gigantic lollipops of a rainbow of colours. They’re so rare, as rare as a unicorn in this musical world. I took some photos:

Gallery of Cut off Your Hands @ the Vera Project


Photos: Feral Children @ The Crocodile

Holy fucking wow. Feral Children threw down a set last night that was both tightly controlled and completely unhinged. I’ve seen them plenty of times when one or the other dominated, but last night’s combination worked perfectly. I have a new favorite feral song in “Frozen Beach” – this one more than any other I’ve heard thus far has me extremely excited for their upcoming release.

There’s only so much one can do with red light when trying to take show photos, and Feral Children were drenched in it their entire set. I forgot I had a camera in my hand a lot of the time, so I guess it’s just as well – I was able to focus on the music.