Notable Photos from our Flickr Pool

You know about the Backbeat Seattle Flickr photo pool, right? Matt Brown, Baron of Bacon certainly does – check out what he contributed over the weekend – wow! These are from a recent Dynamite 8 show @ the Victory Lounge. Thanks Matt!


Photos: The Metal Shakespeare Company @ the Blue Moon

The Metal Shakespeare Company was everything I could have hoped for, and I had a great Friday night – TMSC headlined a solid night at the Blue Moon, following Brewtal Thirst and The Valkyries. I’m smitten with all three bands and hope to see them all again, as well as TMSC’s Junkface incarnation.


The Valkyries


Brewtal Thirst


Photos: The Decemberists & Andrew Bird @ Marymoor Park

The Decemberists and Andrew Bird played Marymoor Park on Friday night. Both bands will play Lollapalooza in August, and while the Decemberists tour the States throughout the summer, Bird will head to Europe. Photographer Alex Crick was at Friday’s show and snapped some glorious shots of each act.

The Decemberists

Andrew Bird

All photos by Alex Crick.


Photos: Slayer & Killswitch Engage @ Mayhem Fest

I like the mayhem. What I like even is more is these photos Marcella Volpintesta got of Slayer & Killswitch Engage. I totally need to see these bands next time they are in the area. Enjoy:


Killswitch Engage

All photos by Marcella Volpintesta.

Click here to see Marcella’s photos of Marilyn Manson.


Photos: Marilyn Manson @ Mayhem Fest

Marcella Volpintesta has long been a favorite photographer of mine. She consistently takes crisp and dramatic shots filled with fervor – and she’s done it again. Welcome Marcella. Here are some of her shots of Marilyn Manson at Mayhem Fest:

All photos by Marcella Volpintesta.

Click here to see Marcella’s photos of Slayer & Killswitch Engage.