Show Preview: Sneaker Pimps Seattle @ the Showbox, Thursday – September 10th

Some of Seattle’s best hip-hop acts are joining Sneaker Pimps Seattle tomorrow, Thursday September 10th @ the Showbox Market:


Show Preview: Anni Rossi @ the Tractor, Tuesday September 8th

Anni Rossi is playing at the Tractor tonight. I hate that I am posting this so late in the day but wanted to let you know. I saw her open for Noah and the Whale a while ago and I took to her. And don’t forget, she’s playing a viola. Not a violin.

Photo by Dagmar

Here are some more of my photos of Anni Rossi @ Chop Suey


Show Previews: Monday @ Bumbershoot

For Monday, September 7th I am picking mostly local groups again plus one from Scotland and one from Georgia. Bumbershoot‘s got:

The Lonely Forest @ 3:15, EMP
A huge success story of 2009. Should be packed and they brought homemade cookies to one of their CD release shows.

photo by Dagmar

Champagne Champagne
@ 4:45, EMP
Sodapoprocks is just plain brilliant. Please do this song, Champagne Champagne.

photo by Dagmar

Dead Confederate @ 6:00, Rockstar Energy Drink Stage
They put on a blistering live show.

photo by Dagmar

Franz Ferdinand @ 7:45, Samsung Mobile Mainstage
I am not exaggerating or being sarcastic when I say I love Franz Ferdinand. I love them.

photo by Dagmar

Modest Mouse @ 9:30, Samsung Mobile Mainstage
Vigor ensues . . .

photo by Dagmar


Show Previews: Sunday @ Bumbershoot

For Bumbershoot on Sunday, September 6th I recommend spending most of the day in the EMP. This is again with the purpose of putting together a schedule you could actually stick to and catch the entire set from these bands. EMP always holds great local bands and Sunday they have:

Black Whales @ 2:00, EMP
I knew that whales make beautiful music but who knew whales were this foxy? This band is fantastic. Will look and sound very sharp in this venue for sure.

photo by Anne Mathern

Romance @ 5:00, EMP
I have followed this band from, I believe, the very beginning – or very near to it. I am looking forward to seeing them at EMP as they were stunning when I saw them there a couple years back.

photo courtesy of Romance’s MySpace

Sleepy Eyes Of Death @ 6:30, EMP
One of the band members does magic and light. Their music often reminds me of the soundtrack to A Clockwork Orange. This is a very good thing.

Photo by Amelia Gydé

Holy Fuck @ 7:45, Broad Street Stage
Finally you can go outside for some electronica from Canada. Should be a dramatic show under the Space Needle.

photo courtesy of Holy Fuck’s MySpace


Show Previews: Saturday @ Bumbershoot 09

Music has about 5 seconds to get your attention, right? Here’s what I am especially looking forward to checking out at Bumbershoot on Saturday and if you follow this schedule you can catch all these bands. . . Sunday & Monday to follow.

Saturday, September 5th:

Hotels @ 2:00, EMP
I caught this local band earlier this year and they are a complete package of perfection.

photo by Dagmar

Sick Puppies @ 3:30, Rockstar Energy Drink Stage
Australian rock band, including this woman on bass:

photo by Harry Reese

Iglu & Hartly @ 5:15, Rockstar Energy Drink Stage
Really perfect synth dance music. Saw them at Chop Suey earlier this year and they are amazing. I interviewed singer, Jarvis Anderson too.

photo by Dagmar

The Whore Moans @ 6:30, EMP
It sounds like nobody, including the Whore Moans, really knows what will happen at this show. I still recommend it because it’s the Whore Moans.

photo by Dagmar

Sheryl Crow @ 9:15, Samsung Mobile Mainstage
I loved her Christmas album. I haven’t seen her live before so I am looking forward to this one.

photo courtesy of Sheryl Crow’s MySpace