Photos & Review: Butterfly Boucher @ the Crocodile

Butterfly Boucher, armed with a charming and settling Australian accent recently played an opening slot for Emilie Simon at the Crocodile. She’s an open performer, the kind who can get up on a stage and perform all alone and break into conversation that’s easy and fun. It doesn’t hurt also that her music is gorgeous. I enjoyed her intimate songs and she’s a mean guitar player. She released her second album, Scary Fragile this year, and it includes the superb Gun for a Tongue and A Bitter Song. I Can’t Make Me, off her first album, Flutterby sounded even better live than it does on CD.

Gallery of Butterfly Boucher
All photos by Dagmar


H is For Hellgate calls it quits

I loved this band and am pretty bummed right now. Here’s what Jamie Hellgate says via the band’s website:

127 Shows Later, H Is for Hellgate Closes Up Shop

It’s with a very substantial amount of sadness that I, Jamie Hellgate, write the news that H Is for Hellgate is in its final days. Jon, our drummer, has accepted a job overseas and with his departure, Ben and I have decided to put H Is for Hellgate to rest. There is a small chance that Jon’s plans will fall through and the band could stay together, but it’s not likely and we won’t have the final word for a couple of weeks so we are considering this the end.

It’s very probable that Ben and I will work together again on another project, but as of right now, there is nothing specific planned. In the meantime, Ben will continue the “Hooray” legacy with We Wrote The Book On Connectors while I work with the ex-Hungry Pines ladies on a new band (name pending) on the drums.

Our last show will be Thursday, July 23rd at the Comet Tavern in Seattle. If you can, please come down and celebrate with us. I promise to play some of the older songs a little less begrudgingly than usual. Also, we’ll have the Hellgate Club Issue 2 CDs available for free with the last three songs we wrote which I recorded in my garage a couple weeks ago.

A few of my favorite Hellgate pics follow. Best of luck to Jamie, Ben and Jon on their next adventures.