Bumbershoot 2016

Photos: Bumbershoot – Day 3 w/ G-Eazy & Tame Impala

Two very different acts, G-Eazy and Tame Impala got photographed by Casey Brevig during Bumbershoot’s third day. For Tame Impala, this appearance was the last you’ll see from them in Seattle, or anywhere, through 2017, as last week, the band announced they’d be taking a hiatus next year. Oakland, California’s G-Eazy, however, already has dates set for January and March. Thank you to both acts: you are two popular bands on this site (and of course, elsewhere).












Tame Impala

Photos: Bumbershoot – Day 2 w/ JoJo, Explosions in the Sky, Black Joe Lewis & More

Singer and former child star JoJo (Joanna Noëlle Blagden Levesque), all grown up and now on the Atlantic label, was another wonderful artist Bumbershoot on its 2016 lineup. Her new album, Mad Love – her first in ten years – is out now. Texas’ loud instrumentalists Explosions in the Sky and Black Joe Lewis represented their state. The Front Bottoms, an indie band from the small New Jersey borough of Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey singer Donna Missal, and Nashville duet Escondido brought additional variety to Bumbershoot. And last, but not least in this post is Seattle’s Lemolo, who plays St. Mark’s Cathedral (accompanied by a string orchestra) on December 2nd.

42 JoJo 1 ND5_1215-a

43 JoJo 2 ND5_1399-a

44 JoJo 3 ND5_1296-a

45 JoJo 4 ND5_1244-a

46 JoJo 5 ND5_1294-a

46 JoJo 6 ND5_1277-a

48 JoJo 7 ND5_1264-a

49 JoJo 8 ND5_1281-a

26 ND5_0153-a-800

27 DonnaMissal 1 ND5_0308-a

28 DonnaMissal 2 ND5_0195-a

29 DonnaMissal 3 ND5_0319-a

30 DonnaMissal 4 ND5_0350-a

31 DonnaMissal 5 ND5_0366-a

32 DonnaMissal 6 ND5_0211-a

33 DonnaMissal 7 ND5_0278-a

34 DonnaMissal 8 ND5_0459-a-Portrait
Donna Missal

51 BlackJoeLewis 2 ND5_1499-a

52 BlackJoeLewis 3 ND5_1525-a

53 BlackJoeLewis 4 ND5_1519-a

54 BlackJoeLewis 5 ND5_1516-a

55 BlackJoeLewis 6 ND5_1490-a
Black Joe Lewis

56 ND5_0734-a-800

57 Lemolo 1 ND5_0592-a

58 Lemolo 2 ND5_0588-a

59 Lemolo 3 ND5_0564-a

60 Lemolo 4 ND5_0578-a

61 Lemolo 5 ND5_0581-a

62 Lemolo 6 ND5_0573-a

63 Escondido 1 ND5_0471-a

64 Escondido 2 ND5_0484-a

65 Escondido 3 ND5_0525-a

66 Escondido 4 ND5_0537-a

67 Escondido 5 ND5_0517-a

68 Escondido 6 ND5_0509-a

69 ND5_1419-a-800

70 ExplosionsInTheSky 1 ND5_1553-a

71 ExplosionsInTheSky 2 ND5_1569-a

72 ExplosionsInTheSky 3 ND5_1565-a

73 ExplosionsInTheSky 4 ND5_1568-a

74 ExplosionsInTheSky 5 ND5_1541-a

75 ExplosionsInTheSky 6 ND5_1562-a
Explosions In The Sky

76 TheFrontBottoms 1 ND5_0741-a

77 TheFrontBottoms 2 ND5_0763-a

78 TheFrontBottoms 3 ND5_0739-a

79 TheFrontBottoms 4 ND5_0759-a

80 TheFrontBottoms 5 ND5_0766-a
The Front Bottoms

50 BlackJoeLewis 1 ND5_1476-a

41 ND5_0617-a-800

Photos: Bumbershoot 2016 – Day 2 w/ Hinds, Marshmello, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis & Rabbit Wilde

Spanish band Hinds returned to Seattle this summer for a very welcome visit. And who got them? Bumbershoot, of course! Also great guests on hand for day two of the festival were Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Marshmello and Rabbit Wilde. Marshmello had so many tour dates this year, but watch out for Marshmello imposters. They are out there. The second part of photos from day two to be released tomorrow, November 15th.

1 Hinds 1 ND5_0937-a

2 Hinds 2 ND5_1086-a

3 Hinds 3 ND5_1066-a

4 Hinds 4 ND5_1116-a

5 Hinds 5 ND5_1078-a

6 Hinds 6 ND5_1163-a

7 Hinds 7 ND5_1099-a

8 Hinds 8 ND5_1023-a

9 Hinds 9 ND5_1133-a

10 Hinds 10 ND5_1007-a

11 Marshmello 1 ND5_0771-a

12 Marshmello 2 ND5_0772-a

13 Marshmello 3 ND5_0775-a

14 Marshmello 4 ND5_0865-a

15 Marshmello 5 ND5_0768-a

16 Marshmello 6 ND5_0782-a

17 Marshmello 7 ND5_0817-a

18 Macklemore 1 ND5_1425-a

19 Macklemore 2 ND5_1426-a

20 Macklemore 3 ND5_1428-a

21 Macklemore 4 ND5_1451-a

22 Macklemore 5 ND5_1457-a

23 Macklemore 6 ND5_1445-a

24 Macklemore 7 ND5_1462-a

25 Macklemore 8 ND5_1454-a
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

35 Rabbit Wilde 1 ND5_0667-a

36 Rabbit Wilde 2 ND5_0681-a

37 Rabbit Wilde 3 ND5_0723-a

38 Rabbit Wilde 4 ND5_0690-a

39 Rabbit Wilde 5 ND5_0700-a

40 Rabbit Wilde 6 ND5_0703-a
Rabbit Wilde

Photos: Bumbershoot 2016 – Day 1 w/Halsey, Zella Day, Gryffin & More

Day 1 of Bumbershoot featured the huge variety of acts you’d expect from them, including Halsey‘s electronic sounds, rock and roll of Chevy Metal, and Michael Franti, who does many genres all in one. Gryffin, St. Lucia, Andrew Bird and Zella Day rounded out my coverage of Friday’s lineup. St. Lucia’s Jean-Philip Grobler took advantage of the only wear white before Labor Day rule by dressing in white jeans and white top. . . and white shoes.

1 Halsey 1 ND5_9802-a

2 Halsey 2 ND5_9720-a

3 Halsey 3 ND5_9767-a

4 Halsey 4 ND5_9831-a

5 Halsey 5 ND5_9684-a

6 Halsey 6 ND5_9662-a

7 Halsey 7 ND5_9786-a

8 Halsey 8 ND5_9698-a

9 MichaelFranti 1 ND5_9998-a

10 MichaelFranti 2 ND5_0136-a

11 MichaelFranti 3 ND5_0048-a

12 MichaelFranti 4 ND5_9994-a

13 MichaelFranti 5 ND5_0027-a

14 MichaelFranti 6 ND5_9987-a
Michael Franti & Spearhead

15 ND5_0143-a-800

16 ZellaDay 1 ND5_9367-a

17 ZellaDay 2 ND5_9416-a

18 ZellaDay 3 ND5_9583-a-KSP

19 ZellaDay 4 ND5_9558-b-KSP

20 ZellaDay 5 ND5_9512-a-KSP

21 ZellaDay 6 ND5_9570-a

22 ZellaDay 7 ND5_9413-a-KSP
Zella Day

23 AndrewBird 1 ND5_9905-a

24 AndrewBird 2 ND5_9872-a

25 AndrewBird 3 ND5_9859-a

26 AndrewBird 4 ND5_9918-a

27 AndrewBird 5 ND5_9899-a

28 AndrewBird 6 ND5_9887-a
Andrew Bird

29 ND5_9948-a-800

30 Gryffin 1 ND5_9122-a

32 Gryffin 2 ND5_9130-a

33 Gryffin 3 ND5_9115-a

34 Gryffin 4 ND5_9141-a

35 Gryffin 5 ND5_9138-a

36 Gryffin 6 ND5_9134-a

37 Gryffin 7 ND5_9112-a

38 Gryffin 8 ND5_9124-a

39 ND5_9149-a-800

40 St.Lucia 1 ND5_9046-a

40a St.Lucia 2 ND5_9063-a

41 St.Lucia 3 ND5_9056-a

42 St.Lucia 4 ND5_9074-a

43 St.Lucia 5 ND5_9091-a

44 St.Lucia 6 ND5_9093-a
St. Lucia

45 ND5_9928-a-800

46 ChevyMetal 1 ND5_9168-a

47 ChevyMetal 2 ND5_9176-a

48 ChevyMetal 3 ND5_9190-a

49 ChevyMetal 4 ND5_9197-a

50 ChevyMetal 5 ND5_9165-a
Chevy Metal

51 ND5_9912-a-800


Bumbershoot – Sunday, September 4: Day 3 w/G-Eazy, Melanie Martinez & More

Bumbershoot’s final day includes on outdoor set by G-Eazy! What can be better than that? I am certain the rapper will create a sensation as he performs at Memorial Stadium, nearly right under the city’s Space Needle. Other excellent artists to play on Sunday are Melanie Martinez, Thunderpussy, Maiah Manseur, TroyBoi and Porter Robinson. Before you head out, do have a look at Bumbershoot’s FAQ section, and remember that Bumbershoot tells us, “Smiles, Laughs, Goodtimes, and High Fives” are allowed.

4:10Thunderpussy @ the KEXP Stage

Thunderpussy 08
Thunderpussy‘s Molly Sides – photo by Tino Tran

About: Seattle’s Thunderpussy doesn’t mess around with their in-your-face rock. In fact, the quartet brings their act to an international stage this November, when they fly to Iceland, where they’ll play Iceland Airwaves Music Festival. But you can see them before the Icelanders.


4:20Maiah Manser @ the Starbucks Stage

Maiah Manser – photo by Nate Watters

About: If all I had known about Maiah Manser is that her label is called Freakout Records, which is also home to awesome Seattle artists Acid Tongue, Smokey Brights and others, I’d find that enough to get my vote for Manser as an act to catch. Manser has a beautiful voice, which you’ll also get to hear any time you like on the upcoming Second Skin EP.


4:30Melanie Martinez @ Memorial Stadium

Melanie Martinez – photo by Kirk Stauffer

About: Melanie Martinez, a singer-songwriter who gained loads of attention after competing on The Voice in 2012, grabbed a recording contract with Atlantic in 2014. The result? Cry Baby, a thematic album with fairy tale-like themes. One of the tracks, “Carousel,” became American Horror Story: Freak Show‘s theme. Excellent!


5:10TroyBoi @ KeyArena


About: London DJ/producer TroyBoi hits Bumbershoot for the first time. His appearance, one of the stops on the Mantra Tour, means we can experience some very cool trap music. Don’t know what trap music is? It’s a deep and heavy electronic wonder, that’s what it is.


5:50G-Eazy @ Memorial Stadium

G-Eazy – photo by Dagmar

About: One of my very favorite picks for Bumbershoot is Oakland rapper G-Eazy (real name: Gerald Gillum). You probably know the song “Me, Myself & I,” and there’s even more stuff to dig on that song’s album, When It’s Dark Out. G-Eazy is a great performer, and fans will go wild. They will.


10:00Porter Robinson @ KeyArena

Porter Robinson

About: And. . . closing out the festival is American producer/DJ Porter Robinson. He kind of does every genre in his work. Just twenty one years old at the time of his first EP, 2011’s Spitfire, Robinson has become a huge force in electronic music. His album, Worlds, got entirely remixed by bands such as ODESZA, Mat Zo and Chrome Sparks. See, they like him, too.



Bumbershoot: Saturday, September 3 – Day 2 w/Hinds, Jagwar Ma & More

Day two of Bumbershoot ramps up the electronic music on KeyArena’s stage with Marshmello, Zhu and Pretty Lights. A technical detail before I get into my picks for Saturday: don’t forget to download Bumbershoot’s mobile app. It’s very helpful. If you’re like me, planning is key. But it’s cool if you are the more wandering type, I’m not judging.

6:50Marshmello @ KeyArena


About: The mysterious DJ Marshmello (most likely DJ Chris Comstock) begins the evening’s shows at KeyArena. Marshmello, whose identity can’t remain hidden for long – I mean, you can’t hide anything anymore – wears a bucket/marshmallow on his head. And wears white. And has some super songs. There should be a phenomenal light show to go with the tunes.


7:20Hinds @ the Starbucks Stage

Hinds – photo by Elisabeth Weinberg

About: A Spanish quartet based out of Madrid, Hinds plays its first Bumbershoot on Saturday. 2016 has been a big year for the all-female garage rock band, starting in January with album number one, Leave Me Alone, seeing light of day. They’ve spent the summer playing all the major European music festivals.


8:10Zhu @ KeyArena


About: Zhu, another mysterious electronic musician, is an additional reason to hang out at KeyArena for the evening. Best known for the tracks “Working For It” and “Faded,” Zhu also promises a rad show of electronic music and lasers. Love.


8:30Jagwar Ma @ the Fisher Green Stage

Jagwar Ma

About: Australian trio Jagwar Ma goes over very well in Seattle. It’s a great idea to have them at Bumbershoot! I loved their debut Howlin’ so much, and I know other fans will be excited to hear the group’s new songs from album two, the soon-to-be released Every Now & Then (October 2016).


9:40Pretty Lights @ KeyArena

Pretty Lights

About: Okay, not to keep going on about the lasers and electronic music or anything, but the aptly-named Pretty Lights (Derek Smith) closes out day two at KeyArena. Pretty Lights’ latest, “Only Yesterday,” is a mighty fine track that continues Smith’s excellence in electronica and sampling.



Bumbershoot: Friday, September 2 – Day 1 w/Iska Dhaaf, Bob Moses, Kygo, Zeds Dead & More

Oh hey, Bumbershoot starts this Friday! Art, film, comedians, writers, and oh yeah, music take places of honor throughout the Seattle Center grounds’ annual festival. I’ve picked a few acts to highlight for each day; day one includes local and international treats from electronic music to pop. Also, I’m pretty sure this is the first time Bumbershoot has offered yoga (Yogashoot with Liz Arch) , an idea I can really get behind. Great idea!

3:40Iska Dhaaf @ the Main Stage

Iska Dhaaf – photo courtesy Brick Lane Records

About: Brooklyn, New York’s Iska Dhaaf returns to Seattle for Bumbershoot. Seattle’s its place of origin, after all. The immensely talented duo (Benjamin Verdoes and Nathan Quiroga) just finished putting together their entire fall tour. It’s a big one, and it begins with this date. I saw their first Bumbershoot appearance, which displayed their grooviness, a couple years ago.


4:10Fly Moon Royalty @ the KEXP Stage

Fly Moon Royalty

About: Seattle soul band Fly Moon Royalty (another duo: Adra Boo and Action J) can win over any audience. With obvious joy for what they’re doing, the group’s electronic spin on R&B is something else.


4:30Bob Moses @ the Fisher Green Stage

Bob Moses – photo by Brook Linder

About: Bob Moses, also known as Jimmy Vallance and Tom Howie, has an incredible and melodic house sound. I’ve only just become aware of this band, and every Bob Moses song I have heard so far is fantastic. They’re based out of Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, but don’t miss them because you might think you can just catch them any time. Don’t take them for granted. I have a really good feeling about this duo.


6:50Father John Misty @ the Main Stage

Father John Misty – photo by Marz Elisa

About: Father John Misty always gets a crowd. He’s a happening guy. But what I really want to talk about is the crystal earrings he now sells. I am not being at all sarcastic when I say this is a cool idea. Now, even if you don’t believe in the healing power of crystals, it’s probably never going to hurt to wear something pretty.


7:30Zella Day @ the Starbucks Stage

Zella Day – photo by Kirk Stauffer

About: A favorite of several Back Beat Seattle staffers, Zella Day brings her sweet vocals to the festival. Day, who’s just 21, deserves praise for all she does, and for her perfect combination of pop & rap with “Mustang Kids.” That track includes Baby E., doing some nice work with Zella Day.


9:50Kygo @ the Main Stage


About: Norwegian DJ Kygo (Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll), one of the biggest electronic music names there is right now, rightfully gets a slot on one of the largest Bumbershoot stages. His debut, Cloud Nine, has already released three huge singles: “Firestone,” “Stole the Show,” and “Stay.” A Bumbershoot must-see, or you’ll regret it.


10:00ZEDS DEAD @ KeyArena

Zeds Dead – photo by Dagmar

About: House music! House music! This Toronto pair aptly plays the KeyArena, where they can let their beautiful music match a brilliant light show. A perfect way to end or your evening, or get it started if you’re an EDM night owl.