Photos: Gwar & Hatebreed @ Showbox SoDo

Gwar & Hatebreed @ Showbox SoDo – 10/15
Photos by Casey Brevig


Your self-described Lords and Masters, Gwar, pumped their “blood” all over Showbox SoDo in October. The metal band is still popular, even after losing their previous lead singer, Oderus Urungus. Now with a being called Blothar as their vocalist (who made his debut on last year’s Gwar album, The Blood of Gods), Gwar’s got a super fan base, known as Bohabs. It’s always admirable when groups can make it through such a loss and transition. And hey, do you like graphic novels? Gwar’s got a new one: The Enormogantic Fail. Connecticut metal quintet Hatebreed, who recently shared a video of cats who “Destroy Everything,” started the night.



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