Photos: Jackie Evancho @ the Triple Door

I was fortunate to attend one of Jackie Evancho’s four headlining shows at the Triple Door last week. The Pittsburgh native sang a combination of pop and classical songs while accompanied by Peter Kiesewalter on piano. Best known as a finalist on America’s Got Talent at 10 years old, the now 16 year old had a mature stage presence and shared personal experiences between songs. Evancho, a platinum selling artist, will soon release her sixth full-length studio album, Two Hearts. The evening ended with a well-deserved standing ovation.

Jackie Evancho


3 thoughts on “Photos: Jackie Evancho @ the Triple Door

  1. Thanks for publishing these excellent photographs! They capture a great deal of expression and nuance of this great artist.

  2. Still amazes me that practically every photo of Jackie ever taken is like an individual fingerprint.  No two, it would seem, alike. All of her facial expressions, one of a kind.  She unquestionably is a girl of a thousand faces.  Not many people wear their hearts on their sleeves, and no one wears their heart on their sleeve like Jackie does.   Thus might explain why she can wear a thousand faces, without any effort.  Other than her beautiful voice, which is totally amazing in and of itself, what is making her such a phenomenally great stage entertainer is her infectious smile, eye contact, exceptional beauty, as well as the added bonus of a Jackie giggle, makes me smile every time I hear it.  Jackie, skillful with her stage presence, draws you in and embraces you.  You really feel  you become one with her as she opens her soul in song, for you.  One can easily become mesmerized by her ability to attract.  There is a strong fascinating allure about her…. safer to say, charm.  She is only just about a week away from her 17th birthday.  Starting her career at 10 years old, I wouldn’t be amiss at all to say, she’s ALREADY a pro-entertainer.   I can tell right off with Jackie, nothing but open road to mega-stardom for her.  No doubts about it.   All of the Stars had to have been completely in line and all the tumblers in their respective places when this girl came into being.  Jackie Evancho is DREAMING BIG!!

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