Bumbershoot: Saturday, September 3 – Day 2 w/Hinds, Jagwar Ma & More

Day two of Bumbershoot ramps up the electronic music on KeyArena’s stage with Marshmello, Zhu and Pretty Lights. A technical detail before I get into my picks for Saturday: don’t forget to download Bumbershoot’s mobile app. It’s very helpful. If you’re like me, planning is key. But it’s cool if you are the more wandering type, I’m not judging.

6:50Marshmello @ KeyArena


About: The mysterious DJ Marshmello (most likely DJ Chris Comstock) begins the evening’s shows at KeyArena. Marshmello, whose identity can’t remain hidden for long – I mean, you can’t hide anything anymore – wears a bucket/marshmallow on his head. And wears white. And has some super songs. There should be a phenomenal light show to go with the tunes.


7:20Hinds @ the Starbucks Stage

Hinds – photo by Elisabeth Weinberg

About: A Spanish quartet based out of Madrid, Hinds plays its first Bumbershoot on Saturday. 2016 has been a big year for the all-female garage rock band, starting in January with album number one, Leave Me Alone, seeing light of day. They’ve spent the summer playing all the major European music festivals.


8:10Zhu @ KeyArena


About: Zhu, another mysterious electronic musician, is an additional reason to hang out at KeyArena for the evening. Best known for the tracks “Working For It” and “Faded,” Zhu also promises a rad show of electronic music and lasers. Love.


8:30Jagwar Ma @ the Fisher Green Stage

Jagwar Ma

About: Australian trio Jagwar Ma goes over very well in Seattle. It’s a great idea to have them at Bumbershoot! I loved their debut Howlin’ so much, and I know other fans will be excited to hear the group’s new songs from album two, the soon-to-be released Every Now & Then (October 2016).


9:40Pretty Lights @ KeyArena

Pretty Lights

About: Okay, not to keep going on about the lasers and electronic music or anything, but the aptly-named Pretty Lights (Derek Smith) closes out day two at KeyArena. Pretty Lights’ latest, “Only Yesterday,” is a mighty fine track that continues Smith’s excellence in electronica and sampling.