Photos: Watershed @ The Gorge Amphitheatre – Day 1

Watershed – the 3-day country music festival at the Gorge Amphitheatre – is so popular that it’s been extended to two weekends. The outdoor venue seats over 27,000 and is located above the Columbia River. It is consistently rated one of the most beautiful venues in the country. About 12 artists performed each day, split between the Main and Next From Nashville stages. The audience consisted of mainly 20-somethings, with bikinis and cowboy boots as the typical female attire. The first day was the hottest at 102F, but cooled off the next two days. The photos below are in reverse chronological order – from the headliners in the evening on each stage, to the openers in the early afternoon.

1 ND5_3931-a-800

2 ND5_3968-a-800

3 ND5_4017-a-800

4 ND5_3949-a-800
Eric Church

5 ND5_3813-a-800

6 ND4_8231-a-800

7 ND5_3784-a-800
Justin Moore

8 ND4_7951-a-800

9 ND5_3756-a-800

10 ND5_3747-a-800

11 ND5_3564-a-800

12 ND5_3372-a-800

13 ND5_3396-a-800
Kacey Musgraves

14 ND5_3769-a-800

15 ND5_3274-a-800

16 ND5_3274-a-800
Jon Langton

17 ND5_3251-a-800

18 ND4_8042-a-800

19 ND5_3242-a-800
Jon Pardi

20 ND4_8655-a-800

21 ND5_3139-a-800

22 ND4_8016-a-800
Ryan Hurd

23 ND5_3125-a-800

24 ND4_7981-a-800
Steven Lee Olsen

25 ND5_3117-a-800

26 ND5_3109-a-800

27 ND5_3101-a-800
Ben & Noel Haggard

28 ND4_7943-a-800

29 ND5_3079-a-800

30 ND5_3088-a-800
Jordan Davis

31 ND4_7925-a-800

32 ND5_3064-a-800

33 ND5_3074-a-800
Neal McCoy

34 ND4_8200-a-800

35 ND4_7902-a-1000

36 ND5_2982-a-1000
Lucie Silvas

37 ND5_2803-a-800

38 ND5_2781-a-800

39 ND5_2715-a-800
Lindsay Ell


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