Photos: August Burns Red & Between the Buried and Me w/Good Tiger

Photographer Tino Tran caught the co-headlining show of August Burns Red/Between the Buried and Me in March. The pairing of those two bands was brilliant, as each one is a different style of metal from the other, with just enough of a match to be certain there would definitely be crossover fans. They’ll both be in Europe this summer for big festivals, while New York sees the final dates of this tour on April 16th & 17th. The also-wonderfully-named Good Tiger opened. And congratulations to Between the Buried and Me for that Grammy Award nomination this year.

August Burns Red 01

August Burns Red 02

August Burns Red 03

August Burns Red 04

August Burns Red 05

August Burns Red 06
August Burns Red

Between the Buried & Me 01

Between the Buried & Me 02

Between the Buried & Me 03

Between the Buried & Me 04

Between the Buried & Me 05

Between the Buried & Me 06

Between the Buried & Me 07
Between the Buried and Me

August Burns Red 07

August Burns Red 08

August Burns Red 09

August Burns Red 10
August Burns Red

Good Tiger 01

Good Tiger 02

Good Tiger 03

Good Tiger 04

Good Tiger 05

Good Tiger 06

Good Tiger 07
Good Tiger


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