Photos: Steel Panther @ Showbox SoDo

untitled shoot-8333

Another amazing show with the hilarious and very talented Steel Panther. The ’80s hair band-filled crowd cheered wildly as Steel Panther blasted onto the stage, recreating the debauchery that was the 1980s metal scene. Steel Panther is Mötley Crüe and Poison turned up to 11. Look for their record, All You Can Eat if you want to rock and laugh hysterically – in a good way.

untitled shoot-8581

untitled shoot-8584

untitled shoot-8640

untitled shoot-8465

untitled shoot-8474

untitled shoot-8487

untitled shoot-8505

untitled shoot-8539

untitled shoot-8543

untitled shoot-8370

untitled shoot-8379
Steel Panther

Photographer: John Rudolph


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