Show Preview: Capitol Hill Block Party: Sunday, Day 3 w/ CHARMS & More

For the final day of Capitol Hill Block Party it appears I am sending you, deep down to a basement bar, to the Cha Cha Stage. This is also the only day where my top picks are all Seattle area bands, and they are some of the most excellent bands in Seattle. It would be wise to catch them all.

3:15 @ Neumos Stage
I Will Keep Your Ghost

From Everett, located near Seattle, and which has a growing and strong music presence, comes I Will Keep Your Ghost. Formerly a duo, going by the project’s Facebook page, Bryan Bradley seems to be the lone band member making up IWKYG. Is this correct, Facebook? Or is it a trio? I see three guys in some of the posts. Anyway, I have only seen the band once live, but the music stood out – in a good way.

I Will Keep Your Ghost


3:45 @ Cha Cha Stage

Noise. Noise. Noise. That’s, I guess, a good way to describe CHARMS, who actually call themselves noise. I can only seem to find one song of theirs online (what am I missing?), but it’s an excellent one. Named “Separator,” it does, indeed, freak out, as the band tells us to on their bandcamp. They’ve also asked, on Facebook, what they should wear. If you want to take them seriously, or not, why don’t you send some suggestions?


5:45 @ Cha Cha Stage
Gold Fronts

I’m curious about Gold Fronts. Sometimes they sound surf, sometimes they sound country. Sometimes they sound both, together, and I don’t know why, but it works. At least for me. Wait, maybe that’s what they call honky-tonk? I don’t think I’d heard of them much before working on a suggested schedule, which only reveals that I am highly knowledgeable of neither surf nor country. Gold Fronts released two EPs this year!

Gold Front – photo by Victoria Holt

6:45 @ Cha Cha Stage

I have no clue who this band, BrainDrain, is. They seem to be from Seattle, and I hate looking all out of the loop of what cool music there is in Seattle, but they’ve placed themselves under the radar. I hope it’s just an oversight they have nearly zero online presence. I have no site and no Facebook I can point you to. No tumblr I can send you to. All I have is a live YouTube video and bandcamp links to two songs. Glorious, glorious music.

Thunder on the Lake” and “Things We Said.”


7:30 @ Cha Cha Stage


Gazebos is a rad band. They’re entertaining, and everyone who hears them most likely becomes a fan. This group knows how to make a great music hook, too. Plus singer Shannon Perry has a voice that’s strangely smooth; many vocalists could hit her notes in a really shrill way.

Gazebos – photo by Dagmar


8:00 @ Neumos Stage
Bread & Butter

Classic rock fans will be very happy with Bread & Butter. I’m very happy with Bread & Butter. This is definitely stuff people would actually listen to. I’m not saying other music at Block Party isn’t stuff people would listen to, but I think people would really love this band. I recommend them, and would recommend them many times.

Bread & Butter


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