Show Preview: Capitol Hill Block Party : Saturday, July 25 – Day 2 w/ Smokey Brights, the Kills & More

Now that you’ve had some time to rest after night one of Capitol Hill Block Party, you can prepare yourself for the second day on Saturday. If Saturday is your first day, then figure out quickly where you want to be. I usually make a schedule. I suppose that is obvious! Other people are the more “surprise me” sort. I envy them at times. If you are a schedule person, or just wonder what is happening, say, around 7:30 after you’ve eaten your dinner, here are some of my picks for CHBP, day two. . .
by Dagmar

4:00 @ Vera Stage
Smokey Brights

I seem to talk about these guys quite often when I’m recommending bands at festivals. Why? Well, Smokey Brights are damn pretty. And they sound good too. Sorry, I made a bad joke. Anyway, the kind of soft, loving music they make is difficult to find. Sure, other bands might try to sound something like this, but they don’t do it well. Is it groovy, really cool easy listening with a stomp? Damn right. I embrace all easy listening. This is a compliment from me. Believe it.

Smokey Brights


4:45 @ Barboza
Moon Dial

This Seattle trio, only a little over a year old, has a deep-voiced singer in Jonathan Atkins (sounding part Jim Morrison, part Paul Banks = all awesome). It’s also got that moodiness to it. And it’s also got some pretty unique lyrics in its songs: Monday morning smashes a bottle of gin over my head. I don’t know, I just like that.

Moon Dial – photo by Ulysses Curry
7:45 @ Barboza Stage


7:45 @ Barboza

A Seattle duo of the electronic persuasion, NYVES, sound pretty steeped in murky ’80s synthpop. I give two thumbs way up for this fact. Alert to all Depeche Mode fans: check out NYVES. Their debut, Anxiety (why has no one named an album this yet?), is extremely cool.

NYVES – photo by Renee McMahon

7:45 @ Neumos Stage

Based on the photo below, somebody sure likes black cats. This is an awesome photo. I’m not mocking the photo when I say it’s really good to adopt black cats. Because people still have some weird cultural hangover from the Middle Ages, and think black cats are bad luck, many poor black cats go unadopted. Which is sad, because they need homes and love too. Zoolab (real name: Terence Ankeny) seems to know this. Another electronic selection on my list for Saturday, he writes his own music and also does remixes.



10:30 @ Main Stage
The Kills

The Kills are The Biggest Draw of CHBP ’15. They are for me, and I am about 98% sure they are for everybody else. This means you need to get there early if you want to see them. I don’t know how early, or what rule of thumb you should use to decide how early is early enough. The rock and blues duo will be outside, and the effect of evening air on them should be beautiful and dynamite.

The Kills – photo by Dagmar


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