Show Preview: Melt-Banana @ Chop Suey, Friday – July 3rd

The incredible Japanese noise/grindcore/just call them loud and in your face duo Melt-Banana hits Chop Suey this Friday, July 3rd. Never seen them before? This show, part of the Return of the Hedgehogs Tour (I like that; I like hedgehogs) will be your chance to see what this band is about: extreme screaming, rabid guitars, and relentless power. There shouldn’t be a sweat-free body in the venue.

Melt-Banana is releasing “Return of 13 Hedgehogs,” which compiles thirteen singles from 2000-2009, including a cool cover of Devo’s “Uncontrollable Urge.”, and kicks off the second leg of their North American tour tonight in Portland, Oregon. It’s all going to be messy goodness.

Opening is Torche, an excellent rock band from Florida.



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