Show Preview: Television @ the Moore – Tuesday, June 23rd

Television @ the Moore – Tuesday, June 23rd
Show Preview by Nick Nihil


Growing up a guitar player (as a million other people have), I’ve learned and burned through styles and phases over the last 20 years faster than a chain smoker three martinis in with a pack of Parliaments. About 6 years ago I decided I was done with all of rock ‘n’ roll guitar soloing and told the likes of Page, Gilmour, Hendrix, Stevie, Van Halen, Vai, and Clapton to fuck right off out of my eardrums. That all still generally holds to this day (except some Hendrix). So why did I rediscover Television around that time? For some reason, Verlaine and Lloyd could get away with long solos in rock songs in ways that just about no one else I listen to ever could (except some Nels Cline). I could try to explain this. . . but I’m not going to – you don’t need to read that bullshit. And normally I lament the continued nostalgia fest (re: past-urbation) of endless numbers of bands reuniting, but some of them have done legitimately great things. So I’m glad Television is around again. Word has it there’s a new record kicking around, although that’s been the word for 8 years. Regardless, one of the few classic guitar bands that still feels legitimate outside of their original time are alive and kicking and that’s a good thing. Forget that played out blues rock and see some true originals and iconoclasts.


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