Show Preview: Sasquatch! Music Festival – Day 3 w/Royal Blood, Smokey Brights, Ron Funches & More – Sunday, 5/24

Sasquatch! Music Festival hits its third day with a great mix of music and comedy. I have a few suggestions of artists you could check out, again with little or no overlap (and I wasn’t trying. It just happened). You could see these all: Smokey Brights, Royal Blood, Shaprece, Rustie, Ron Funches and Emmett Montgomery.

2:00-3:00 @ Uranus: Smokey Brights

It’s really good to see Seattle’s Smokey Brights getting even more recognition. I’m not saying they have been ignored, it’s just this is really good to see them having opportunities to reach more people. And by people I mean fans and future fans. It’s funny the band mentions AM Radio in their Facebook description. I have a huge soft spot for AM Radio, especially ’70s AM Radio. Smokey Brights speaks to me.

Smokey Brights

3:30-4:30 @ the Bigfoot Stage: Royal Blood

Sasquatch seems to be happy with duos this year! Another cool one is the British Royal Blood, who, in addition to getting their debut, Royal Blood, out last year and, according to Wikipedia, gaining Howard Stern as a fan, has a video of “Out of the Black” with a criminal rabbit in it. Nice. This group is one of the heavier-sounding bands of the festival, so if you’re more into that side of music, see them.

Royal Blood

4:00-4:20 @ El Chupacabra: Emmett Montgomery

Seattle comedian Emmett Montgomery is brilliant, and a cat lover. Based on this photo he also loves America. Right on Emmett. There’s a reason why he is so popular here. I urge you to check him out.

Emmett Montgomery– photo by Kyle Moseby

5:05-5:50 @ El Chupacabra: Ron Funches

Another brilliant comedian, Ron Funches, is absolutely what his site description says: “. . . a very funny stand up comedian with a unique delivery and lovable demeanor. You just want to hug and squeeze him like a big stuffed bear.” Absolutely! What a fucking treat to have him at the festival.

Ron Funches

6:20-7:05 @ El Chupacabra: Shaprece

Combining all kinds of good R&B, pop and electronic sounds, Seattle’s Shaprece is a welcome sight at Sasquatch. Shaprece has a smooth voice fitting so many types of music. Love.

Shaprece – photo by Kirk Stauffer

8:30-9:30 @ El Chupacabra: Rustie

Glasgow’s Rustie gets a pretty sweet spot in the evening at El Chupacabra. Rustie’s another artist you can describe with the term wonky. I like that. And I sure like Rustie, a lot. He’s a talented producer who has chosen some amazing people to work with, such as Danny Brown.

Rustie – photo by Dagmar


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