Show Preview: The Jayhawks @ the Neptune – Tuesday, 1/6

The highly melodic Jayhawks headline the Neptune tomorrow, Tuesday, January 6th. Before all that Alt-country – which has pervaded the Pacific Northwest especially – there were Minneapolis, Minnesota’s the Jayhawks. It’s not always the case that just because something was first means it’s better. But in this case, it is better. Plus it’s true that the Jayhawks’ sound was actually ahead of its time. That time started in 1985.

Tomorrow’s show kicks off a Jayhawks tour down the West Coast, celebrating the reissue of three Jayhawks albums: Rainy Day Music (one producer was Rick Rubin), Sound of Lies and Smile. It’s possible songs off those albums might make up a lot of the set list. Also, they don’t seem to tour all that often, so it’s not like you can just catch them next time easily.

But the main reason you should go is because the music is lovely.

The Jayhawks

For more details on the event, click here.


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