Review: Videoasis 10/22 at the Northwest Film Forum

Walking in the doors of the Northwest Film Forum at a few past 7 p.m., the lobby felt eerily ambient. The hosts, Sharlese Metcalf, KEXP and Bobby McHugh, World Famous were entertaining a fully packed crowd alongside white-lit candles, a table full of complimentary buttons, and plastic spider rings. Deejay Larry Rose was spotted at the top of a staircase playing a mix of dance tunes as colorful projections appeared alongside the wall near him.


ss10 ss7While in line for a drink I found out that the event was sold-out by attendee, Adam Way. He told me that he was one of the last ticket-holders, and was very happy to make it inside. I also spoke with Danny Wahlfeldt of Grave Babies who said he had only been to the NWFF once before, and was excited they would be showing one of his band’s videos, but was not too sure which one. I was getting anxious to find out too, so I headed in to grab one of the last seats as an announcer mentioned that they would try to squeeze a few more viewers. On the big screen it felt like the perfect rotation of varying degrees of emotion as each music vid transitioned. It was fun seeing these two best friends put together a Wednesday night showcase in a friendly and chill environment that embraces what filmmakers, musicians, and curious attendees love. I too brought along one of my best friends, Drake Jurado to take some snaps, and make a video of Videoasis.


As I watched I wrote a few words on how the visuals made me react emotionally. Art is subjective though, so I hope to see you at the next Videoasis to experience it for yourself.

Here is the list of music videos they played:

“Servant” by Haunted Horses

“Monster Song” by Ubu Roi

“Skulls” by Grave Babies

“#CAKE” by Shabazz Palaces


“Bossa” by UGLYFRANK

“Singularity” by Psychic Rites

“Amazon Trickle” by Constant Lovers

“Hesitate” by Dude York (this video has not officially premiered but all I can say is. . . them jeans)

Check out the video Drake Jurado made of Videoasis (the event):

All words written by Marz.
Video & photos by Drake Jurado.


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