Show Preview: Android Amaker @ Neumos, Fri. 11/7

Hey everyone! Android Amaker, also known as the wicked trio of Brent Amaker, Vox Mod and P Smoov, performs for one night only tomorrow, Friday November 7th at Neumos. They’re three of Seattle’s most revered artists, and have combined to create a digital mix of music with other arts such as film, photography, dance, and. . . FASHION. Amaker explains:

This project isn’t just about the music. . . We are living in a time in which war is prevalent around the world. People are losing their homes, becoming refugees, and starving to death. And at the same time technology is advancing exponentially every day. Artificial intelligence may provide answers to these problems, or technology may lead to our ultimate demise. But any way you look at this, we are on the verge of massive change and our very way of life will never be the same.

Android Amaker’s self-titled debut album sounds really cool, and was just released on October 21st. Amaker’s deep voice gels with the science fiction-inspired tunes. Although really science fiction is so much science reality. In any case, with the addition of dance, choreographed by the wonderful Molly Sides, all the multidimensional art will only amp it all up in a groovy way.

I’m hoping there will be laser beams.



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