Show Preview: The Kooks @ Showbox at the Market – Monday, September 29th

Brits the Kooks have done it again: they’ve created another excellent album I really cannot get enough of. The new album, Listen, brings in a little more funk to their sound, and I am all for it. The keys and synth on Listen, especially on “Westside,” rule. Listen‘s also the first Kooks album crediting singer/guitarist/lyricist Luke Pritchard as co-producer. It suits them. The Kooks have always been strong on creating focussed, lovely and super charming songs, and I love that. How very touching Pritchard’s lyrics are in “Forgive & Forget”: So I forgive and forget you/You say you need someone to love you but it ain’t me.

The young band turns ten years old this year, which just seems hard to believe. Their sound remains cool and flexible, impressive and groovy. I’ve seen them live twice, and I, and other Kooks fans, plus new converts, look forward to hanging out with the Kooks for an evening on Monday.

The Kooks

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