Show Review & Photos: Porter Robinson with Giraffage @ WaMu Theater

Porter Robinson with Giraffage @ WaMu Theater, 8/29
Show Review & Photos by John Rudolph

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Porter Robinson

Music means different things to different people. To some, it’s the complex beauty of an 80-piece orchestra. To others, it’s the let your hair down rawness and storytelling of a blues riff. To the fans of Porter Robinson, it’s the psychedelic electronic mixes of funky beats with Japanese Anime. Is there anything wrong with that? No, of course not. Music is supposed to push the boundaries of imagination.

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I am a person who grew up with The Doors, Led Zeppelin, and AC/DC. My first concert was The Rolling Stones in the Kingdom. This was my first rave and the first show where I felt my age but I have to say that I really had a good time. The crowd made me feel “loved” and very welcome. The talent on stage was great, and the fans were just as entertaining with their kaleidoscope of colorful hula hoops and costumes.

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Robinson is a musician who started as a producer and DJ. His new record, Worlds, is a complex mix of dance beats and airy rhythm with the most catchy being “Flicker.” The show was as much about the visual as the music, and the combination made the crowd go wild. They were screaming from start to finish and for good reason. Porter Robinson is really talented and deserved the praise.

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Giraffage 1


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Atmosphere @ Porter Robinson


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