Show Preview: Circuit des Yeux @ Barboza, Tues. 8/5

Circuit des Yeux @ Barboza, Tuesday August 5th
by Dagmar

Circuit des Yeux

A show preview shouldn’t be all about me, and although this one won’t be, it might be just a little. I don’t know if Haley Fohr, also known as Circuit des Yeux, is really a history buff on all things to do with kings named Henry, but I sure am. When I saw this on her Facebook page, I knew I would like her music :

— Bio: On the late afternoon of Friday, 30 June 1559 a long splinter of wood from a jousting lance pierced the eye and brain of King Henry II of France. Thus begins the tale of Haley Fohr. —

And so, listening to Circuit des Yeux is a strange and unsettling experience. Fohr has a deep and kind of twisted voice, one that spooks me in an awesome way. When she sings “I’d rather be living in my dreams” in “Lithonia,” who doesn’t get that way sometimes when awoken from a really cool dream? Fohr, whom I might put in the goth folk category, will be great to see in the red dark of Barboza.


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