Show Preview: Xiu Xiu @ Barboza, Tues. 8/5

Show Preview: Xiu Xiu @ Barboza, Tuesday August 5th
by Nick Nihil

Xiu Xiu

When the left hand of the music press announced Xiu Xiu’s latest work, Angel Guts: Red Classroom as the project’s descent from an emotional gray area to pure blackness, many of us longtime listeners scoffed. How could Jamie Stewart’s tortured love child be any more damaged and damaging than it already was? Then the album dropped, and many of us same longtime listeners said, “oh. That’s how. Damn.” This wasn’t mere buzz-generating internet hyperbole, and the record isn’t mere emotional abuse and indulgence; song for song it may be their strongest release. If any of this sounds off-putting, Jamie Stewart is probably not singing to you anyway. However, to many of us heretofore mentioned longtime listeners, Xiu Xiu offers one of the most exhilarating, cathartic live experiences we’ve had the privilege to witness.

Opening are local experimental soundscape artists Newaxeyes and the plaintive, Nico-esque noise folk songwriter Circuit Des Yeux. Go if you want to see something different, unique and breathtaking. Stay home if you’ve given up on life.


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