Show Review & Photos: Charlotte Sometimes @ El Corazon

Charlotte Sometimes @ El Corazon, 9/13/13
Show Review & Photos by Heather Fitzpatrick

Charlotte Sometimes

Get Ready For LACES, Charlotte Sometimes Is No More. . .

I first saw Charlotte Sometimes at Seattle’s Showbox at the Market back in 2008, opening for Gavin DeGraw. I immediately was drawn to her voice and lyrics, and continued to listen to her CDs over the next few years, hoping that she’d make it back to Seattle when I could see her perform again. She had numerous tour dates with various bands in the coming years, but sadly none of them were to Seattle. So I just continued to listen to her music, purchase her new songs and CDs, and wait. Then, in 2012, I did get to see her perform again, but not the way I expected. This time it was on National TV, on NBC’s The Voice. She performed OneRepublic’s song, “Apologize” during the blind auditions, and got all four chairs to turn around. She chose to be on “Team Blake”; however, was eliminated in round one of the live shows. After her time on the show, I figured it wouldn’t be long before she FINALLY returned to the Northwest. Well, that day finally came last year on Sept 13th, 2013.

She came back on a headlining tour, promoting what was her last CD, Circus Head, and her upcoming EP release, By Request. When I said “LAST CD,” I meant it. Circus Head was to be her last full-length CD as “Charlotte Sometimes.” I spoke with her at her show, and she mentioned that that was probably the last time she’d perform under that name. I panicked, but she reassured me that she’d be back. . . She just doesn’t know “who” she would return as, and when that would be. In fact, this would not be the first time her project had a name change. When she first began playing in a band, they were know as J. Poland And The Pilots. She is, was, and will always be Jessica Charlotte Poland (her real name), but as for what or who she would perform as in the next phase of her musical career, that was still up in the air. Since September, she made the jump from living on the East Coast (where she’d lived her entire life) to making a new home in Los Angeles. Fast forward to just a few months ago, she finally made the jump, and she announced a new musical project, LACES. It was only within the last few days that her old Facebook page made the transition from Charlotte Sometimes to the LACES. (She is now performing as Jessie Poland, and her band is LACES.) Because it’s so new, she has yet to release any new sounds, only imagery to go along with the new project.

JP’s voice is one of a kind, (almost lost as a teen due to condylar resorption, a rare disease causing her jaw to essentially break apart, impairing her ability to sing). As Charlotte Sometimes, she released alluring, thought- provoking songs that became some of my favorite songs in my library. As for what she will release as LACES? That is still to be determined I can’t wait!!), but with her strong vocals fronting the tracks, I know that they too will become instant favorites. You can follow her on this new journey on her Facebook. You can also sometimes catch her on TV! She is a HUGE Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, (you might have guessed if you’ve seen her forearm tattoo), and she makes an appearance in brief interviews throughout the TV network PIVOT, when they air some of the BTVS shows.













Charlotte Sometimes


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