Interview & Review: Strange Talk @ Barboza, Mon. 5/19

Last Monday a synthpop boy band called Strange Talk, out of Australia, loomed into town from their latest show in Portland in the midst of a mostly sold out American tour. This has been Strange Talk’s first tour since their album Cast Away dropped. The band members are Stephen Docker and Gerard Sidhu (who both write the lyrics), Travis Constable, and Gillian Gregory.

I was able to sneak in a quick chat with the group before their show at Barboza. What I found out is that the band, best known for the song they made for a Snapchat commercial, is super chill. They also love to connect with their fans one on one, sound even better live, and drew a heavy crowd for a Monday evening on Capitol Hill. I was also surprised to discover, when meeting the band in person, it felt strangely down to Earth. . .


What do you like most about touring?

Gerard: Meeting fans.

Stephen: Playing shows is the best part about it.

Oh, and food. Like Mexican food, a good steak house. . . Japanese. We allow ourselves enough time to find nice places to eat as opposed to a truck stop.

Gill: I like red wine.


On tour where do you like to get coffee?

Gill: In Seattle it’s Stumptown, Coava in Portland and in Chicago we go to Intelligentsia.

So how did you get connected with the Snapchat commercial, and how do you feel about it?

Stephen: It was the right timing with Snapchat. We played a show in LA. And prior to it the founder wanted to meet us. They wanted to discuss using the song for an ad to get some hype back into the project.

Gerard: Any publicity is good publicity. The Snapchat guys are supportive.

Gill: And now ex-girlfriends want to get back with us.


What do you like most about Seattle so far?

Travis: It’s refreshing, green and nice and seems clean.

What’s one of the weirdest things you experienced on tour?

Gerard: Last night I met a boxer that wouldn’t stop punching me.

Travis: Having to add tax and tip to everything.

What kinds of bands are you all into?


The whole band adds:

In the US it’s Red Hot Chili Peppers, Passion Pit, Foster the People.

What else do you want people to know?

Stephen: Please connect on Facebook. Anytime a fan makes an effort to connect on FB and Twitter it’s one of us who will respond because we really like to connect with fans.

Gill: Check out GillyG youtube channel.

interview & photos by Marz


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