Show Preview: Sasquatch! Festival, Day Three – Sun. 5/25

Sasquatch‘s final day takes place on Sunday May 25th, where they’ll display various electronic outfits, comedy from Demetri Martin and local acts you must see.

1:00 – 1:45John Grant @ the Sasquatch Stage

John Grant, a singer-songwriter from Denver with a deep and stirring voice, will be one of the first artists of the day. Grant’s got two albums out now – the latest, Pale Green Ghosts, found him working with Gus Gus’ Birgir Þórarinsson.



2:00 – 2:45Pillar Point @ the Narwhal Stage

Seattle’s Pillar Point is such great, melodic synth/electronic music it hurts. Even if you’re tired by Sunday, get up early and catch this band. Their self-titled debut is perfection.

Pillar Point‘s Scott Reitherman – photo by Dagmar


4:10 – 5:10Sir Sly @ the Bigfoot Stage

Los Angeles trio Sir Sly has some mighty fine sounding pop songs. Their first single, “Ghost,” just came out last year, and, following their April Seattle appearance, they should have a good local fanbase for Sasquatch.

Sir Sly


6:05 – 6:50Demetri Martin @ El Chupacabra Stage

Very funny comedian and author Demetri Martin makes a most welcome appearance at this year’s festival. Trust me, he’s good.

Demetri Martin


7:00 – 7:45The Flavr Blue @ the Narwhal Stage

Seattle dance music trio the Flavr Blue return to the area from a couple shows in Los Angeles. An excellent band.

The Flavr Blue – photo by AJ Ragasa


7:15 – 8:15Haim @ the Sasquatch Stage

Haim is another band who should have a large following a recent Seattle show. The sisters, Alana Haim, Danielle Haim and Este Haim – plus drummer Dash Hutton – play eclectically wonderful music.

Haim‘s Este Haim – photo by Kirk Stauffer


8:00 – 8:45Fly Moon Royalty @ the Narwhal Stage

Fly Moon Royalty, the duo Adra Boo and Mike Illvester, has a really cool, soulful, and electronic sound. Reports from their February Neumos show were ecstatic.

Fly Moon Royalty


11:45 – 1:00Gesaffelstein @ El Chupacabra Stage

Bringing some serious wow factor, French electronic artist Gesaffelstein closes out the festival. I recommend that you experience this all the way through, well, Monday morning.



Full Sunday Schedule


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