A Grand Re-opening: A quick chat with Jason Lajeunesse (part owner) of the newly refurbished Comet

So many people are curious about the new re-opening of the Comet. In all the fast-paced occurrences in life I had a chance to meet with Lajeunesse, who shared a few key thoughts about its rebirth.

Jason Lajeunesse

Where are the bands going to play?

Lajeunesse: We are not sure yet, maybe in the front upper window area.  The band’s backs will be facing the window or maybe we will set them up in the middle. We will see as we go.

Comet10 Comet12

What is the most exciting thing about re-opening the Comet?

Lajeunesse: On a personal level it is that we have been able to rebuild, and restore this place. Like ripping out the bathrooms, and seeing that come into fruition. It will be nice to see how people enjoy it, and take it in. Some people will love it, and some people may hate it.

Comet7 Comet6

How do you deal with any negative feedback?

Lajeunesse: It’s hard. You have to be okay with that, and ultimately you have to be prepared to be rejected by putting your ideas on public display.

It’s similar to making music. I have been doing that for many years, and I have been both criticized and adored.

What is your favorite memorabilia in the Comet?

Lajeunesse: All the Coco Fotos. It’s Connie’s [Connie Aramaki] art. She recently had an art show at Sole Repair. I love the photos she took.

Also, there’s an important artifact I found tucked behind the bar that an old customer made when Ethel [former Comet owner] died. I framed it and hung it up at the bar.




Comet2 Comet5
The Comet – all photos by Marz

~The Comet Tavern opens on Monday, March 31st. Look for a live show on Tuesday, April 1st.
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