Show Preview: Future Twin @ Black Lodge, Th. 3/20

San Francisco took one of my best friends away, but every so often I get to see her. One of those visits included seeing San Francisco’s Two Gallants in 2013, with Future Twin as openers. And what do you know? Now Two Gallants’ Tyson Vogel is now playing drums in the band!

Singer/guitarist Jean Jeanie makes a positive statement about life: “We design our lives toward who we want to be, becoming our own future twin.” I like this idea. And I love how this band sounds. Jeanie’s voice is forceful and not forced – you know the difference, right? Listen to the songs “Lockits” and “Badseed” and you will see what I mean about that voice and the super-pyschedelic stuff the band has going on.

The trio known as Future Twin will be at the Black Lodge, one of Seattle’s true DIY authentic spots, this Thursday, March 20th.

Future Twin


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