Videos: Holograms & Middle Class Rut

Some of Holograms‘ video for “Luminous” reminds me very much of Seattle – all those trees and greenery. The Swedish band was here in December (without that cute parrot featured briefly), and I do hope they return. They’ve got a monstrously good sound.

Holograms perform at Chop Suey. Seattle WA. 14.12.2013
Holograms – photo by Simon Krane

Another video, “Dead Eye,” with some cool landscapes comes from Middle Class Rut. Very literally cool; it’s Alaska. I’ve only seen this duo once (gosh they look different now) but would absolutely catch them again. The tour gods were cruel to me as I just missed them in early March, but they’re touring all over the States right now.

Middle Class Rut – photo by Dagmar


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