Photos: Avoid The Void @ Studio 7

Benny (1 of 1)-006

Guitar (1 of 1)-001

I had the opportunity to see a very cool local metal band called Avoid The Void at Studio 7. These guys were part of a metal show headlined by Soulfly. Given that they are high school kids, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised. These guys rocked!

One great yet funny part was when female fans threw their underwear on the stage. Judy Scholl, mother of lead singer Benny Scholl, exclaimed: “THEY ARE THROWING BRAS AT MY SON!” That was priceless.

Check them out at your local all ages club.

Drummer (1 of 1)-003

Bassist (1 of 1)-006

Guitar Close (1 of 1)-001

Bass (1 of 1)-001

Bass (1 of 1)-003

Bass (1 of 1)-005

Bass2 (1 of 1)-001

Bassist (1 of 1)-001

Bassist (1 of 1)-003

Benny (1 of 1)-007

Benny (1 of 1)-004
Photographer: John Rudolph