Show Review & Photos: Amos Lee with Black Prairie @ the Paramount

Amos Lee & Black Prairie @ the Paramount, 2/17/14
Show Review & Photos by John Rudolph

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Hailing from Philadelphia, singer-songwriter, Amos Lee played the Paramount Monday night with the excellent Portland band, Black Prairie. I would normally say, like many other reviewers, that he “rocked the house” but that wouldn’t do Lee justice. He is so talented and his music is so diverse that “rocked” just doesn’t do it. It should also be said that he has a terrific sense of humor. That last quality combined with his musical talent had me completely rapped.

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As I review the show in hindsight, what surprised and moved me the most was how absolutely diverse he was. Amos Lee is very comfortable playing country, folk, soul, rock with equal confidence. I have to admit when I heard Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls” performed in a Zydeco style, my face developed an unmediated shit-eating grin and the crowd went nuts.

There were some touching yet humorous moments when Lee played a dedication to his friend Johnny, his Grandpa Bobby, and his cantankerous Grandma who called everyone, “Bitch.”

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One intangible that few artist receive is the back-and-forth banter with the crowd. He joked with them and they joked back with massive enthusiasm.

My friend Sam and his wife asked me if I was Amos Lee fan. When I walked into the Paramount I was a photographer on assignment. Before the show came to conclusion, I was an unabashed Amos Lee fan.

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Happy Birthday to Freddy “the drummer” Berman! Cheers to the rest of the band as well. You guys do damn good work! Be sure to check out their new record Mountains Of Sorrow, Rivers Of Song

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