Photos and Review: Josh Groban with Judith Hill @ KeyArena

Josh Groban w/ Judith Hill @ KeyArena, 10/4
Show Review & Photos by John Rudolph

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Josh Groban – nice guy, jokester, and amazing singer performed for a largely female crowd at KeyArena with a voice descended from the heavens.

Los Angeles native Groban is on a North American tour promoting his new album, All That Echoes. Groban joked playfully with his fans while reading letters from the devoted.

One of the letters asked if Groban would dance with the author. The candy apple red-haired woman asked him to do The Sprinkler, and he declined. He did his own dance called Fork In The Disposal. The crowd laughed hysterically.

A second letter asked if he would take a photo with one of the littlest fans, which he immediately did. He fulfilled 8-year-old Natalie’s dream by taking a photo with her. He later walked back into the audience and gave her a drum stick since it was her first concert.

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This was one of the best concerts I have seen all year. The set was vibrant and alive with color and activity. Groban’s voice soared to the rafters with an ethereal flavor. He sang with perfect pitch and beautiful control. It was truly a pleasure to hear his voice envelop KeyArena.

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Halfway threw his show he sang a beautiful duet with Judith Hill. They played off each other with harmony the songs deserved.

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Violin soloist Christian Hebel played soulfully with an Irish flair. He transitioned into “Dream On” by Aerosmith with full band accompaniment. I could never have imagined a violin version of “Dream On,” but I can say honestly that it rocked. I really enjoyed it.

After the violin solo, jazz artist and Cameroon native Andre Manga performed a funky bass solo with a bongo drum fill. Groban joined the instrumental on the drum set while playing off two other drummers. The crowd ate it up. Groban smoothly transitioned from the drum set to the mic, and he sang more sweet ballads.

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Josh Groban Violin and Trumpet (1 of 1)

Judith Hill returned to the stage to perform a duet of “The Prayer” with Groban – as he did previously with Andrea Bocelli.

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The concert ended with Seattle Choral Company joining Groban on stage for a Stevie Wonder song, “I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever). ” The combination of strings and choir was amazing.

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Josh Groban & Judith Hill – photography by John Rudolph


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