Show Preview: Bumbershoot – Day 1, Sat. 8/31 w/ Gary Numan, Natasha Leggero, Cookie Monsta & More

This year’s Bumbershoot features the triumph of comedy as a festival event. It’s not that Bumbershoot hasn’t had tons of comedy in its lineup – it’s just 2013 promises several return visits by well-known comics (Mike Drucker, Doug Benson, Patton Oswalt) plus a Bumbershoot debut from Natasha Leggero. The evolution of comedy scheduling at Bumbershoot has been intriguing to watch over the years, and while there’s still loads of great music to hear and things to see, 2013 is Bumbershoot’s year of the comedian. And electronic wizard Gary Numan.

Gary Numan – Numan plays TuneIn Stage at 8:30. Do not miss him.
photo by Dagmar


Mike Vecchione & Marc Maron @ Comedy at the Playhouse*

Mike Vecchione

Mike Vecchione and Marc Maron perform at Comedy at the Playhouse on Saturday. Apparently the New York-based Vecchione holds degrees in Criminal Justice and Special Education. He’s a comedian who is good with people.

Maron’s a man after my own heart: he takes care of stray cats, and actually describes his home as The Cat Ranch. He’s got his own podcast, WTF with Marc Maron, which he’ll perform separately on Sunday. Go to both.

Marc Maron

*Repeat appearances:
Saturday, 8:00 – Vecchione & Maron
Sunday, 4:00 – Vecchione
Sunday, 4:45 – WTF Live with Marc Maron


Diamond Rings @ TuneIn Stage

I’ve seen Canadian artist Diamond Rings twice in the last couple years. Once he was a headliner and the other was as the opener for OMD. His songs are fun, you can dance to them, and he’s really delightful.

Diamond Rings – photo by Dagmar


Davidson Hart Kingsbery @ Plaza Stage

Davidson Hart Kingsbery’s got the “Devil in His Heart,” and country-western awesomeness. The band – led by its namesake – solidly straddles old country sound with new country – not easy to do.

Davidson Hart Kingsbery – photo by Chelon Ione Towner


NERDprov @ Theatre Puget Sound Stage**

If you’re a fan of improv you’ll want to catch NERDprov. Obviously one of the appeals of this art form is the sheer mystery of what the actors will do when they get a story going. And this one focuses on the geeky, and the troupe includes actors from Unexpected Productions.


**Repeat Appearance:
Sunday, 5:30


Natasha Leggero @ Comedy at the Playhouse***

Actress and Comedian Natasha Leggero performs three times over the weekend, but you’ll probably catch her at her very freshest on Saturday. And she is fresh.

Natasha Leggero

***Repeat Appearances:
Sunday, 6:15
Monday, 1:00


Icona Pop @ the TuneIn Stage

Swedes Icona Pop had one of the biggest songs of the last two years with the Charli XCX penned, “I Love It.” See what else they’ve got when they play the TuneIn Stage.

Icona Pop – photo by Fredrik Etoall


Mike Drucker & Morgan Murphy @ Comedy at the Playhouse

The combination of stand-up comedians Mike Drucker and Morgan Murphy is an absolute gift from the universe.

Mike Drucker – photo by Dagmar

Morgan Murphy

Repeat Appearances:
Sunday, 4:30 – Drucker and Murphy
Monday, 2:45 Drucker


Laff Hole Presents: Fresh Faces @ Comedy at Vera

Laff Hole, one of Seattle’s established comedy organizations, brings some new faces to Bumbershoot. I’m eager to see who will be on this bill.

Patton Oswalt & Friends @ Comedy at the Bagley

Popular comedian Patton Oswalt returns to Bumbershoot! He’ll have surprise guests, and as with Laff Hole, I want to see who will turn up.

Patton Oswalt

Repeat Appearances:
Sunday, 6:30
Monday, 6:45


DJ Tyler Brown @ EMP

I’m a fan of The Vortex. It’s a show hosted by DJ Tyler Brown on local radio channel C89.5, airing every Saturday night. If you like electro music, you’ll need to catch this set.

DJ Tyler Brown

Weird & Awesome with Emmett Montgomery @ Theatre Puget Sound Stage

Weird & Awesome with Emmett Montgomery, an eclectic show put together by local comedian Emmett Montgomery, makes another appearance at Bumbershoot. You never know what will happen at one of these things.

Emmett Montgomery


Gary Numan @ TuneIn Stage

My top musical pick of the entire festival is Brit Gary Numan. He was here a couple of years ago for a Halloween show at Neumos and performed a set that stands out as one of the best shows of my life. He is amazing, from the pop tunes of his earlier days, to the harder electronic songs of now and forever.

Gary Numan – photo by Dagmar

Jerrod Carmichael & Todd Barry @ Comedy at the Playhouse

Another strong pairing of comedians comes in the form of Jerrod Carmichael and Todd Barry, two peculiarly funny people. Very funny people.

Jerrod Carmichael

Todd Barry – photo by Dagmar

Repeat Appearances:
Monday, 6:15

Kris Orlowski @ Plaza Stage

I rarely listen to any music described as folk. I’m just not that into it, but I think this Kris Orlowski sounds pretty good indeed.

Kris Orlowski – photo by Simon Krane


Heart @ Mainstage

I’m expecting people will gravitate towards Heart’s show the way only Seattleites proud of their musical heritage should: en masse. Just inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, expect Heart to perform songs such as “Barricuda” and “Crazy on You.”



Cookie Monsta @ EMP

End your first evening of Bumbershoot with English DJ Cookie Monsta, a dubstep artist. This will be some excellent shit.

Cookie Monsta


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