Photos: Bow Wow Wow & Gene Loves Jezebel @ Studio Seven

Bow Wow Wow and Gene Loves Jezebel came through Seattle for a recent stop at Studio Seven. Some things about the bands have changed – Chloe Demetria covers for Annabella Lwin and Gene Loves Jezebel’s twin brother of Michael Aston, Jay Aston is not along for this tour – but as they, the sound remains much the same. Photographer Steve Campagna contributes some beauties of each band – plus openers Down Goes Frazier:

michael aston4
Gene Loves Jezebel‘s Michael Aston

chloe demetria
Chloe Demetria of Bow Wow Wow

gene loves jezebel

michael aston

michael aston2

michael aston3
Gene Loves Jezebel

chloe demetria2

chloe demetria3

chloe demetria4

leigh gorman

leigh gorman2

leigh gorman3

matt and chloe

matt fuller

matt fuller2

tig moore

tig moore2

tig moore3
Bow Wow Wow




Down Goes Frazier


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