Show Preview: Capitol Hill Block Party, Day 3 – Sun. 7/28

Capitol Hill Block Party ends tomorrow, Saturday, July 28th with more of my favorites, including the fantastic Black Marble from New York. You can also run up and down the stairs between Barboza and Neumos at 8 PM to see the Grizzled Mighty and Katie Kate, who help close out the festival.

2:15 Sandrider @ Neumos

Sandrider – photo by Dagmar

Last year Sandrider was in Barboza; this year they get more space to rip it up in Neumos. There will be lots of beer flying around. Not the cans or bottles, just liquid all over the place. That’s some of what I remember from their excellent set in Barboza’s cool cavern.

2:45 Gold Wolf Galaxy @ Barboza

Gold Wolf Galaxy

Beautiful electronic music from Seattle. And, you know, of course I am going to warm to a band with songs named “Space Cat” and “Lionize.” Good stuff.

4:15 Black Marble @ Neumos

Black Marble

Black Marble is my top pick of the entire festival. They’re visiting from New York, and I think this duo makes some pretty amazing pop electronic music. I was lucky and got to shoot their KEXP in-studio earlier this year. Love them.


4:45 ILLFIGHTYOU @ Barboza

Another band I got to take photos of during their KEXP in-studio. They’ve got some catchy rap songs and an attractive performing presence.


8:00 The Grizzled Mighty @ Neumos

And. . . a band I have covered many times and also covered their KEXP in-studio recently. A duo with hard-driving rock momentum.

The Grizzled Mighty – photo by Dagmar


8:30 Katie Kate @ Barboza

Katie Kate – photo by Dagmar

Katie Kate is nearly my top pick of the entire festival – the only reason she is a very, very close 2nd is because she is based in Seattle. This does not make her less worthy by means, just that we can see her a bit more often. Katie Kate’s a mega-talent.


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