Show Preview: Capitol Hill Block Party – Day 2, Sat. 7/27

Capitol Hill Block Party begins earlier on Saturday, which will be day 2 of the 3-day festival, starting at 1:45 PM with JK POP!, the popular multi-artistic Korean and Japanese dance party. Or if rock is more your cup of tea, then Fox and the Law returns to Neumos at 2:00 PM. Get there early, drink your water, and continue racing all over the south end of Capitol Hill. Here are few of my suggestions for Saturday music fun:

1:45 JK POP! @ the Vera Stage


“Japan taught us to believe in yourself and follow your dreams. Korea taught us awesome dance moves and has shown us handsome men in cool outfits,” says JK POP!’s Facebook mission. Their set, one of the most unique of the Block Party’s, should get you wiggling.

2:00 Fox and the Law @ Neumos


Seattle’s Fox and the Law is going to be fantastic on Neumos’ stage. A few days after this show the band heads out on the road with Brent Amaker and the Rodeo.


2:00 Youryoungbody @ the Vera Stage

Youryoungbody – photo by Kendall Paulsen

Electronic duo Youryoungbody will be an excellent sight on the Vera stage. They named their album, Kurokabi (that’s black mold in Japanese,) – the music is anything but icky.

3:30 Rose Windows @ the Main Stage

Rose Windows – photo by Alison Scarpulla

Sub Pop artist Rose Windows get the Main Stage this year. Their sound includes a rocking out flute and guitars – but they do not sound like Jethro Tull. Rose Windows sounds a little hippie here and there, and that’s just fine.

4:00 Kid Smpl @ the Vera Stage


Seattle producer Kid Smpl’s Facebook page describes his work as “atmospheric bass music,” and that helps illustrate his sound. A little. Kid Smpl’s music will float along beautifully in the Seattle air.

5:45 Lights From Space @ Barboza

Lights From Space

Trio Lights From Space play some super nice, undiluted power pop. Get to their set early as Barboza fills up fast.

5:45 Rabbits @ the Cha Cha Lounge


Portland’s Rabbits dig into the warren-like atmosphere of the Cha Cha Lounge (the basement of Bimbo’s). I could only locate one of their songs on the Internet, “Yr. In Luck.” I like it.

6:00 Vox Mod @ the Vera Stage

Vox Mod

We’re so lucky Vox Mod lives in Seattle. The extraordinarily talented artist released Syn-Aesthetic in April, and we should hear lots of it live on Saturday.


6:30 The Horde and the Harem @ Neumos

The Horde and the Harem

When they’re not hanging out with puppies, the Horde and the Harem play some very moving music. This will be a good show to start the evening going.


7:45 Brent Amaker and the Rodeo @ Neumos

Brent Amaker and the Rodeo

Brent Amaker and the Rodeo recently celebrated the release of their latest, Year of the Dragon. If you missed the CD-release event, here’s a chance to hear some of what you missed! They always put on an awesome show.


8:45 Pony Time @ the Cha Cha Lounge

Pony Time

I love the Cha Cha Lounge, but I wish Pony Time were on a more immediately visible stage, such as the Vera Stage. The duo plays consistently exciting and fast-paced shows, ones that pull in the audience.


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